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A crane is a machine or device whose function is to mechanically lift certain materials or loads. The presence of cranes can be widely observed in construction sites, where the lifting of heavy loads becomes imperative. It is a lifting machine used on site to transport heavy loads; This facilitates construction work at height. There are tower cranes, the mobile cranes, the cranes on chains and the auxiliary cranes. There are also cranes planned for a specific use: forestry cranes, port cranes, etc.

The most common form of the crane is the construction crane and the mobile crane. The lifting capacity can range from a few tons to over 1000 tons.

The mobile cranes or crane trucks are mounted on a truck. Easy to move, they also have high lifting capacities. The cranes on chains have the advantage of being heavier and therefore more stable than mobile cranes; they can displace very important loads. The mobile cranes are lifting equipment widely used in the field of construction, industry, transport and energy. The axiliary cranes, as for them, are small cranes that are mounted on a truck or a tractor. Its load capacity is more reduced.

Although lifting is its main use, the mobile crane is also used for the assembly of tower cranes, the lifting of prefabricated assemblies, the assembly of wind turbines, the maintenance of air elements, the lifting of damaged vehicles, etc.

A mobile crane consists of three main parts: the chassis, the rotating turret and the boom. There is also a control room or cabin, allowing the crane operator to control the machine accurately.

The choice of a mobile crane should be made according to the loads to be moved (weight, vertical and horizontal distances) and the working environment.

At My Equipment we offer we have used cranes model corresponding to your needs of the brands Tadano (TADANO GR500XL) and Grove (GROVE RT65S) for sale and rental. These are the truck cranes, mainly used in construction for lifting and positioning of heavy parts, construction machinery and steel structures.

Crane operators and supervisors require a number of general as well as specific instructions for safety purpose. Cranes can lift very heavy loads. As with all lifting devices, their use is regulated by the regulations which should be strictly followed by the crane operator.

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