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Heavy equipment and tools require extraordinary shipping techniques because of its weight and huge volume. It is a fact that shipping heavy equipment like tractors, excavators, cranes, rollers, bulldozers, or any other additional heavy industrial or farm machine may require a particular shipper. The first step in shipping heavy machines is to have the full report of equipment dimensions and weight. These two things can assist the transporter to find out the shipping technique. My Equipment is an internationally renowned shipping service and we believe in providing the best service in the shipping field.

My Equipment Company’s International Shipping and Forwarding service department first measure the size and weight of construction machinery and then transfer the equipment to the desirable location by using the shipping service. We have the best workers in our company, who can complete the heavy machinery shipping process with carefully and securely.

We are expert in shipping a range of heavy construction machinery and tools, including:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Heavy forestry machinery
  • Parts and attachments

Our Machine Tracking System Keeps You Up-to-Date

Many clients are very curious to know about their costly machinery, so if you want to know your equipment shipment location, then we also offer the machine tracking system. All you need to do is call our service center number and they will tell you the exact location of your equipment. If in case, during the shipment process, your machine will damage, so don’t worry the company will pay all the damage cost.

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