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Welcome to the My Equipment official page. We are one of the largest equipment selling companies in the USA and around the globe. My Equipment is the only reliable equipment selling company, who is a provider of all types of heavy equipment, best logistics and transportation services for the agriculture, mining, construction tool markets. The basic principle of our company is truthfulness and being a vendor, we handle our prestigious customers, suppliers, and employees with honesty. We work with the renowned and widespread group of transportation companies, who are expert in moving all types of heavy equipment. We believe in hard work and deliver the best quality transportation service, that’s why we work simultaneously with the different trucking companies and make sure that all the important work permits and state law rules are being met. Our educated and expert workers are presently doing their best work to improve the company's reputation in the transportation industry. We transport the below heavy construction equipment.

  • Tractor
  • Wheel Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes Loaders
  • Track Excavator
  • Vibratory Roller
  • Skid Steers
  • Trenchers
  • Tractors
  • Motor Grader and Scrapers
  • Forklifts
  • Mini Excavator

My Equipment’s Service Feature and Advantages

  • My Equipment Transportation service offers you the best mobilization way outs. We make sure that we can arrange the best possible transportation service to our customers.
  • We maximize our work-efficiency, devotion, and efforts in delivering the best service in cheap price.
  • We have a professional team and high-quality equipment, which help to transport the product on time and carefully.
  • If any damage, wreck or incident will occur during the transportation, then we are fully responsible to solve all the legal and other matters.

My equipment has special a heavy construction machine mover’s team, who move the heavy machine safely to any location. Our professional team is able to transport the machine with the help of latest technologies and tools. Our creative engineers are well qualified and they ensure that each part of the heavy machine remains safe and secure. This process includes detailed inspection of the transportation route to identify any possible blockages along the way and how to clear these blockages with safe and effective solutions. In the initial step, we discuss the planning and way of transportation with our team. After that, we come to second and final step, our workers covers the whole transportation process from start to end, including the lifting process, transportation method, setting up and/or elimination of heavy equipment structures. Therefore, My Equipment transport service assists the customers to enhance the overall productivity rate by using its amazing equipment transportation service.

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