About My Equipment

My Equipment is a giant distributor of heavy construction and aggregate machines serving the forestry, mining, construction, and aggregate industries. My Equipment sells only high-quality equipment, which are usually used in the agricultural sector, public and governmental applications, waste handling, bridge construction, snow plowing, excavation, road surface, debris removal, mining, and forestry projects. Our main motto is to provide supreme services to our potential customers. We work hard to maintain our founder's core values by providing excellent products to the clients. The key factors of success are dedication, commitment, integrity, passionate, enthusiasm, productivity, and efficiency, which help an organization to achieve its goals that’s why My Equipment is following these core principles of success. My Equipment operates a full-service facility in Texas City. We also provide equipment rentals, transportation service, dismantling service, international shipping service, and inspection facility. We have a complete range of heavy construction parts and attachments for all of our product lines. Being a devoted equipment seller company, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our potential customers by offering them only supreme quality products and services.


Our company only sells the work-effective equipment to our potential customers.


My Equipment also offer brand new construction machines at good prices.


Now you can get your desirable equipment on rent from our Company at reasonable price.

PARTS & Attachments

My Equipment sells useful and high-demanding parts and attachments of all the construction machines.

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