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Used road rollers for sale

1993 Dynapac CA251PD

Serial: 58310974
Hours: 5,393

Enclosed Cab, Ac, Heat, Padfoot Drum, Vibratory System Single, Two Speed, Tires 23.1-26. Engine

$ 31,500
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1997 Dynapac CA251D

Serial: 58313692
Hours: 8,200


1999 Dynapac CA262D

Serial: 67220319
Hours: 3,290

Orops, Smooth Drum 84 Inch, Variable Amplitude controls, Original color, Cummins 6 cylinder tur

1997 Dynapac 251D

Serial: 58313820
Hours: 1,799

Dynapac CA 251D Roller For Sale Diamond Tires Canopy.Overall in Good working condition. Will b


Full selection of used road rollers for sale in Texas

Not all road rollers are the same! Probably one of the first things to decide when considering the purchase of a new roller, is whether a roller or flat plate compactor is going to be most appropriate. There's little doubt that when it comes to tarmac road, driveway or parking lot surfaces, a roller is going to be most appropriate. An absolute essential for road construction, a road roller benefits from enhanced manoeuvrability and speed - a good roller is capable of flattening a large area rapidly, making it a superb choice for civil engineering projects.

Caterpillar Vibratory Roller for Sale: enhance the versatility of your plant

One of the limitations of a standard roller is that it lacks the vibratory action necessary to compact larger particles more closely together. A roller is excellent for firmer surfaces, but to ensure effective compaction of sand, silt, gravel or similar mediums, a vibratory roller or vibrating compactor plate is going to give you the results you're looking for. A vibratory roller combines the compaction properties that the roller provides with the additional performance which a vibratory action can bring.

Pneumatic rollers are still a popular choice

Particularly when surfaces are being built that incorporate a firmer medium than tarmac, a pneumatic roller may be a better option. Pneumatic rollers operate using pneumatic tires, in contrast to traditional rollers, which utilise a metal drum. Pneumatic rollers can work particularly well where there is a need for closer compaction. Generating more static forces than a metal roller, a pneumatic roller enables particles to cluster together, increasing density and thereby improving the integrity of the surface.

Used road rollers from premium manufacturers available now

In addition to Caterpillar CB634C vibratory roller options for sale, we also offer rollers from other well-known brands such as Dynapac, Hitachi, Ingersoll-Rand, (Volvo), Tampo, the Huber company and Case CE. Available in a good selection of different sizes and configurations, our rollers are suitable for use by forestry, farming, mining, utilities and construction industry professionals. Enormously versatile and essential for any project where surface compaction is a necessity, our assortment of rollers includes: sheepsfoot rollers; cylindrical rollers of varying dimensions; smooth wheeled rollers; grid rollers; and vibratory rollers.

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