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2007  SD45F


2007 SD45F

  • Hours: 1,800
  • Serial: 195570
  • Model: SD45F
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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SD45 Ingersoll Rand soil compactor

The SD45 Ingersoll Rand soil compactor is particularly versatile and suitable for use in a range of small applications, such as landscaping jobs, driveways, installation of utilities and development of both commercial and residential sites.

The SD45 has a range of series models, including the SD45D, SD45B, SD45F, all of which have a wealth of benefits to enhance your application.

As the SD45 has an operating weight of up to 5147kg and engine power of 63 kW, it is easy to see why it is suitable for a range of purposes. The compactor also has a vibration frequency of 32 Hz.

The SD45 has features such as a reserve alarm, emergency stop button and safety rails to help prevent any issues and ensure safe operation.

The operator platform tilts so you can access important components, which helps to minimise the cost of repair that would be encountered if the machine had to be deconstructed. This platform is also designed to be anti-slip and isolated from vibration to improve comfort and reduce fatigue.

A front blade and clamp-on padfoot shell kit can increase the number of applications that the machine can be used for. The smooth drum can be converted into a padfoot drum with no need to change the hydraulic system and the scraper is simply replaced with padfoot teeth. This is just one of many types of equipment that can help to improve operational efficiency.

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