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Searching for used wheel loaders for sale in Texas and throughout the United States? Take a loo

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At MY Equipment, we stock a range of used motor graders for sale, including models from leading

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Wheel Excavators

Why opt for used wheeled excavators? When it comes to excavators, both the wheeled and track

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Full selection of used road rollers for sale in Texas Not all road rollers are the same! Pro


Top-quality cranes for sale, including Tadano and Grove One of the most essential pieces of

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Parts and attachments for sale in Texas Particularly if you are operating heavy equipment, f

Get yourself a fantastic deal on used construction equipment for sale in Texas, and across the USA. MY-Equipment is a premium supplier of used and refurbished heavy equipment for sale or hire to the construction, industrial, agricultural, mining and groundworks sectors. We have the vehicles and the equipment to complete heavy tasks safely, quickly and efficiently. With fantastic machines from leading manufacturers, we are sure to have what you need.

Trusted suppliers of heavy construction equipment

We are based in Houston and we serve the state of Texas. Our equipment can also be transported and shipped nationally and internationally: distance is no object. We provide affordable solutions for companies who want to invest in high end heavy machinery from top brands, without the price tag of buying brand new.

Our used heavy equipment for sale includes Caterpillar, Grove, Dynapac, Tadano, Hitachi, Hyundai, Champion and more. Everything that comes through our full service facility is given a thorough inspection by our skilled engineers, with repairs and maintenance made whenever necessary. We sell 'as seen', with full and honest product descriptions available for all machines - including product history and current condition. You always know what you are getting, and we guarantee safety and great performance with every sale.

Heavy machinery for any budget

Not ready to make the purchase just yet? Many heavy construction machines in our inventory can be rented on a short term basis, with contracts available for projects of all sizes and types. If you want to spread the cost of purchase, we can also refer you to our financing partners. Finance allows you to make the purchase over time, while enjoying full use of the equipment right away: perfect for those big projects with tight budgets.

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For more information on our current stock, you can browse our inventory online. Available machine types, makes and models change frequently, so act fast to secure the deal you want! We can also help to source specific machines for you on request: give our sales team a call and let them know what you need. Machines can be shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world, from our plant hire yard in Houston. Call now on 1-281-934-4000

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1996 Caterpillar 980G

35,125 | 2KR00642 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 48,000

Erops, A/c, Heater, Lights, Strobe, Air Susp Seat, Radio, Ether Aid, Eng Cool Htr, Command Stee

2007 Caterpillar 966H

19,720 | A6J00329 | USA


Cert Emissions, Epa ride Control, 2 Valve, Bridgestone Tires *tires, 26.5 R25* Vmt Bs L3, Sun V

1986 Caterpillar 926

5,741 | 94Z01282 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 19,500

Transmission And Drive Line, Heater, Coolant, Bucket, 92" 2.5 Cyd Light M, Tc, Td, Retarde

1985 Caterpillar 966D

8,425 | 99Y03387 | Houston, TX, USA


Erops, Boom Gp, Coupler: Quick, Counterweight, Differential: Standard, Engine Enclosures, Light

2013 Komatsu WA600-6

9,096 | 61148 | Texas

$ 140,000

Starts And Runs Good. Shifts Forward And Reverse In All Gears, Ac Blows Cold, Steers Good Both

2014 Caterpillar 120M2

3,811 | R9N00158 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 88,000

Ripper, Multi-Shank, Pushblock, 14’ Moldboard, VHP Plus, Erops, AC, Air Suspension Seat,

2008 Caterpillar 14M-VHP

14,696 | B9J00552 | Houston, Texas ( In-transit)


Ripper, Pushblock. Excellent Working Condition Machine.

1983 Caterpillar 140G

7,667 | 72V06281 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 52,500

14ft Blade. 1400 X 24 Tires @ 80%. Excellent Working Condition Machine.

2004 Caterpillar 12H

5,491 | AMZ00503 | Houston, Texas, USA


Original Verified Hours, Erops, Air Conditioner, Slipclutch, Cab, Low Profile, Lift Group, Diff

1990 Caterpillar 140G

11,508 | 72V12839 | Houston, Texas, USA


Ripper, Push block, Erops, Air Conditioner, Low Profile Cab, Side Shift, Tip Control, Vari

2009 Caterpillar 160M

11,053 | B9L00434 | Vancouver, Canada


Extension, Blade, 24"X 27" Lh, Lines,standard W/o Accumulator, Drain, Ecology, Engine

2012 Caterpillar 140M2

9,250 | M9D1347 | Texas

$ 99,000

Moldboard, 14' Plus, Engine Tier 4 Interim Ripper-scarifier, Rear Tires, 14.0r24 Mx Xgla2 1

2003 Caterpillar 140H

15,576 | 2ZK08001 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 74,000

Cab, 14' Mb, Blade Extension, Diff Lock, Ether Aid, Lighting, Mirrors, Am Fm Radio, Defrost

2012 Caterpillar 140M2

9,096 | M9D00831 | Texas

$ 99,000

Lane 2 Order, Global Arrangement,low Ambient, Moldboard, 14' Plus, Ripper-scarifier, Rear,

2008 Caterpillar 14M

11,276 | B9J00453 | California, USA

$ 126,000

With Ripper  Push Block 16 Ft , Vhp. Condition: Visual inspection/ walk around while

1998 Caterpillar 140H

12,525 | 2ZK03638 | Seattle, WA

$ 69,500

Eng. S/n 6nc09895, Snow Arrangement A/c, Protection Tire Chains, Converter Communication, Radio

1995 Caterpillar 12G

18,360 | 61M16139 | Georgia, USA

$ 64,500

Mid Mounted Scarifier 14.00 X 24 Tires @ 50% Remaining. Very Little Blow By, Hydraulic System W

1988 Caterpillar 140G VHP

16,555 | 72V11085 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 54,000

High Profile Cab , Mid Mounted Scarifier, Air Conditioner  Tip Control, Slip Clutch, Tires

2014 Caterpillar 140M3

9,500 | N9J00123 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 125,000

Push Block, Ripper/scarifier, Cab W/ Ac, 14' Blade, 14.00 Tires, All Wheel Drive.

2012 Caterpillar 140M2

18,445 | M9D01135 | Houston, Texas, USA


W/Ripper, Cab/Ac/Pb/Rip/Tires 17.5/Aro/T4i.

2012 Caterpillar 140M2

14,343 | M9D01266 | Houston, Texas, USA



2012 Caterpillar 140M

10,054 | B9D03876 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

$ 88,000

2000 Hrs Service Done  Cracked Glass Repaired. Will Come Work Ready.

2011 Caterpillar 140M2

7,293 | M9J00454 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 95,000

Erops, Air Conditioner, Cab, Low Profile, Side Shift, Tip Control, Variable Horsepower, Diff Lo

2006 John Deere 770D

14,587 | X606744 | USA

$ 45,000

Lift Group, Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Only, Diff Lock/Unlock, Variable Horsepower, Tip Control, Si

2005 Caterpillar 140H

13,364 | APM01896 | Houston TX, USA

$ 75,000

Erops, Air Conditioner, Diff Lock/Unloc, Engine Enclosures, Lift Group, Slipclutch, Lighting. B

2004 Caterpillar 140H

10,550 | APM01430 | Houston, Texas, USA


Blade Size Other 14' With Two 2' Extensions Left And Right Rear Ripper With Shanks. 14.

2002 Caterpillar 12H

9,428 | 4XM03323 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 64,500

Scarifier, 14’mb, Pb, 14.00-24 Tires.

2001 Caterpillar 140H

17,680 | 2ZK | Houston, USA


Cab, 14' Mb, Blade Extensions, Diff Lock, Ether Aid, Lighting, Am Fm Radio, Defroster Fan,

2001 Caterpillar 140H

20,976 | 9TN0443 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 59,500

Eng S/n: 6nl369, Trans S/n: 4m1920, Erops, Low Profile Cab, Air Conditioner With Heater  H

2004 Caterpillar 140H

13,921 | CCA00884 | Houston, Texas, USA


Eng S/N: 3pd09049, Trans S/N: Edb01756, Slip Clutch, Lift Group, Diff Lock/Unlock, Variable Hor

1988 Caterpillar 140G

9,786 | 72V11023 | USA

$ 56,500

Erops Cab, Low Profile, Air Conditioner, Tire Size 14.00 R24 (Bridgestone @ 45% Remaining ), Ce

1999 Caterpillar 160H

11,577 | 9EJ00721 | Houston, Texas, USA


Eng S/N: 6nc13219, Trans S/N: 4ky01168, Erops, Air Conditioner with heater , Cab, Low Profile,

1998 Caterpillar 140H

23,063 | 2ZK03902 | Texas


Ripper, Multi Shank, Pushblock, 14’ Moldboard, Air Conditioner, Differential Lock, Erops,

2008 Caterpillar 140M

10,002 | B9M00456 | Regina, Saskatchewa, Canada


This Is A Ready To Work Unit Which Has Been Through Cat Shop And Prepared For Sale . Recent Inj

1990 Caterpillar 140G

20,000 | 72V013141 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 66,500


2008 Caterpillar D6N LGP

12,574 | DJY00927 | Wisconsin

$ 54,000

The Engine Has Approx. 3,000 Hours On It. Cab With Ac, Vpat Blade. 4th Valve. Detail: 

2003 Caterpillar D8R-II

26,500 | 6YZ01177 | UTAH, USA


SU-Blade, MS Ripper, 50% U/C Approx. with recent pin and bushing turned. Engine reconditione

1993 Caterpillar D6H-LGP

18,880 | 3YG05765 | Iowa, USA

$ 42,000

Air Conditioner, Blade, Single Angle Tilt, Drawbar, Lgp, Am Fm Cd Radio, Bluetooth Radio, Engin

1986 Caterpillar D7H

14,454 | 79Z01313 | Iowa, USA

$ 54,000

Air Conditioner, Blade, Semi U, Blade, Single Angle Tilt, Engine Enclosures, Erops, Screens, St

2006 Caterpillar D6R

20,000 | WRG00559 | Minnesota ,USA

$ 59,000

System One Rails, Shoes Are Really Good, Rails Appear 50%. Trimble Ready Excellent Condition Fo

2003 Caterpillar 345BL

18,986 | ALB00342 | Texas

$ 48,000

Epa Label, Hand And Foot Control, Straight Travel Pedal, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, Boom 1 P

1996 Caterpillar 320BL

11,321 | 3MR01168 | Houston, Texas, USA


Air Conditioner, Boom, 1 Piece, Carbody, Standard, Undercarriage, Long, Engine Enclosures, Ligh

1996 Caterpillar 325BL

18,070 | 2JR00465 | Midwest, USA


Boom, R-reach (20'2") , Stick, 10'6" Bucket-hd, 1.78 Cyd, 52inch Bucket With

2001 Caterpillar M318

17,051 | 8AL03153 | Wisconsin, USA


Looks Pretty Good, Runs And Operates. Has Been Maintained. Front And Rear Outriggers, Smooth Di

1994 Caterpillar 214BFT

14,974 | 9MF00499 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 18,500

Lighting, Beacon, Am Fm Radio, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Boom, 1 Piece, Stabilizer, High Pressure H

1980 Grove RT65S

614 | 24213 | Houston, TX, USA

$ 42,000

35 Tons Capacity, 80' Maximum Boom Length, 33' Minimum Boom Length Johnson 40T1CRTB Ant

2020 Caterpillar Ripper-12g-130g-140g

0 | 01-02-03 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 6,500

Brand New My Equipment Ripper. Fits: 12g, 130g, 140g.

2020 MY Equipment Ripper-12h-120h-130h-140h-143h-160h

0 | 01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 6,900

Brand New My Equipment Rear Ripper With 5 Shanks. Fits: 12h, 120h, 130h, 140h, 143h & 16

2020 Caterpillar Scarfiers-12h-120h-130h-140h-143h-160h-12g-130g-140g

0 | 70-71 | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 6,000

Brand New My Equipment Scarfier With 5 Shanks. Fits: 12h, 120h, 130h, 140h, 143h & 160h.

- Caterpillar 140M, 12M, 160M

0 | XXXX | Houston, TX, USA

$ 9,500


Caterpillar 330BL

0 | xxx | Madison, Wisconsin, USA

$ 3,500

Fits Cat Excavator 330b C D, Bkt Is 4ft Wide, 7ft 6in Front To Back, 6ft Tall Has No Weight Tag

Caterpillar 330

0 | XXX | Houston, Texas, USA

$ 3,500

Size 36 Inch Excavator Bucket Came Off a 330 Cat Size Unit.

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