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Used Motor Graders for sale

2006 CAT 160H

Serial: ASD00700
Hours: 17,017

Erops , 14ft moldboard / AC-Heat, 17.5 x 25 tires @ 40% Ex county unit maintained by cat New cu

$ 67,000
2012 CAT 14M

Serial: 0R9J00545
Hours: 8,503

Alternator, 150 Amp (Ac) Factory None, Transmission, Autoshift Factory None, No Compressor, Hyd

2011 CAT 14M

Serial: R9J00260
Hours: 8,163

Mirrors, Outside Heated 24v, Film, Engine, Vhp Plus, Product Link, Pl321, Alternator, 150 Amp (

1983 CAT 140G

Serial: 72V06113
Hours: 0

Erops  AC , Blade 14' Ft, Low Profile Cab, Side Shift, Tip Control, Variable Horsepowe

$ 38,500
2011 CAT 140M

Serial: B9D03286
Hours: 9,028

Alternator, 150 Amp (Ac), Lights, Front Headlights, High, Lights, Working, Plus, Radio, 12v, Am

$ 82,000
2003 CAT 160H

Serial: 0ASD00257
Hours: 15,145

Machine With Ripper and in Good Condition

1995 CAT 140H

Serial: 2ZK00396
Hours: 7,814

Cab, Rops, Lights, Rims, 10" X 24", Wiper, Rear, Accumulators, Tires, 14-24 12pr G2,

2012 CAT 140M2

Serial: M9J00679
Hours: 9,700

Shows well/ really tidy unit. Not listed yet. been  through the shop Nice machine, US EPA

2006 CAT 140H

Serial: APM02818
Hours: 8,843

Low Cab / 14' Blade / 14.00 Tires / Front Scarifier.

$ 74,000
2004 CAT 12H

Serial: AMZ00547
Hours: 8,261

14' Mb, Diff Lock, Low Pro Cab, Lighting, Mirrors, Ether Aid, Engine Has A Lot Of Power / T

$ 68,500
2006 CAT 160H

Serial: ASD00712
Hours: 7,190

14ft Moldboard. w/Scarifier.

2003 CAT 140H

Serial: APM00415
Hours: 11,800

17.5 X 25 Tires @ 75%-80% Remaining. Work Ready Condition.

1999 CAT 143H

Serial: 01AL00646
Hours: 13,998

14’ Moldboard, High Profile Cab, Ac, Am Fm Radio, Blade Extension, Defroster Fan, Differe

1980 CAT 140G

Serial: 72V04375
Hours: 10,000

Cab, AC,14',14X24, EST Hours, Township Machine, Tires: 14.00 Tires. Excellent Condition.

1995 CAT 140G

Serial: 72V17438
Hours: 7,870

14' Moldboard, Ce Plate, Circle Clutch, Low Profile Cab/rops, Variable Horsepower, A/c Not


At MY Equipment, we stock a range of used motor graders for sale, including models from leading brands such as Caterpillar. Used extensively in mining, construction, road maintenance and agriculture, these machines have come a long way since their invention in the 19th century.

The motor graders we sell are multi-purpose machines, and they're ideal if you're creating graded or flat surfaces. Typically, motor graders have one long blade that sits between the vehicle's rear and front axles, although some models have a second blade too.

Need a motor grader for your next project?

Our motor graders for sale are perfect for large projects which require precision and detail, and are most suited to open areas such as public roads. Whether you're shaping, grading, mixing, ditching, spreading, leveling, side-casting, crowning or creating inclined surfaces, we're certain to have a motor grader that's ideal for your requirements.

Why buy used equipment?

With so much quality used equipment for sale at any given time, there's really no reason to buy new motor graders. Here at MY Equipment, we understand buying a new motor grader is a big investment, which is why we stock used machines that do the same job but cost significantly less to purchase.

By purchasing used equipment, you might even find you're able to buy a second piece of gear as well as any attachments you need to complete your work to the highest possible standard. However, when buying used, you also avoid the initial depreciation that comes with purchasing new equipment and you have much more choice. This is proven by the incredible range of motor graders for sale in Texas that you can see listed on this page.

Get the motor grader you need today

MY Equipment has the best range of motor grader equipment for sale in Houston. With a selection of excellent features, including air conditioning, left-hand controls, snow covers, aux hydraulics, defroster fans and much more, simply browse our motor graders to find the model most suited to your project.

To find out more about our selection of motor graders, as well as the dozers, pavers, compactors and cranes we have for sale, send an email to [email protected] or fill in our online contact form.

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