Quick Data: 2023’s Motor Grader Market Performance

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  • Construction Career Outlook
  • 20 December 2023

The motor grader market for used and new equipment has been a roller coaster lately. The U.S. market has seen a drop of 23.4% in the sales of new motor graders from November 2022 to November 2023 as per the recent EDA equipment finance stats.

On the contrary, the market for used motor graders for sale faced a subtle sales decline. Still manages to receive buyer’s love with 1392 units sold from the past year till date.

Though the sales of used motor graders are also surviving the inflationary wave the top manufacturers are making sure they find ways to make ways in the buyer’s heart.

The fresh data from the motor graders auction depicts John Deere’s 772G emerging as the top-selling new model with 102 units sold. It even beats Cat’s 140 and 150 motor grader models as it sells 10 units and 72 units, respectively.

Additionally, John Deere still wears the crown for the best-selling motor grader manufacturer, with Caterpillar as the runner-up.

Texas Used Motor Grader Market To Reach New Heights

Is the Texas market for buying and selling used heavy equipment on fire? Well, the answer is yes!

Texas is emerging as the leading buyer of used and new motor grader models as compared to any other state.

Market analysts note that the most active buyers of used motor graders are in the following areas.

  • Oklahoma with 73 motor grader units sold
  • Minnesota with 70 motor grader units sold
  • Arkansas with 59 motor grader units sold
  • Florida with 50 motor grader units sold

It is good news for used heavy equipment suppliers and financiers of used machines as the consumer market for used motor graders is increasing at a notable number.

Conversely, to meet the increasing demand for motor graders the top manufacturers are continuously working their fingers to the bone to facilitate buyers with quality motor graders embedded with advanced features for improvised construction operations.

High Sales Trajectory Of Used Motor Graders

According to the recent market trend analysis, the used motor grader market is at a higher sales level beating a five-year sales record.

Although the maximum selling price for a used motor grader is around $204,639. The last few months have contributed significantly to increasing the prices of used motor graders from 3.8% to 4.7%.

Increased prices of used motor graders in the last few months 

However, buyers can still get it at cheaper rates if they buy through third-party used equipment sellers like MY-Equipment. It’s a Texas-based used heavy equipment selling forum, here, buyers can find quality used motor graders from the two market-leading manufacturing brands, John Deere and Caterpillar.

Regular maintenance regimes ensure that well-cared-for used motor graders maintain their efficiency. Plus self-inspection can help buyers to buy used motor graders at reasonable rates without compromising quality and digging deep into their pockets

Performance Of Motor Graders In The Recent U.S. Auction Sales

Cat as the leading motor grader manufacturer has been dominating other brands in the recent United States auction sales.

According to the Top Bid auction value guide, Cat has won all the top 10 price spots. Cat 14M3 got the highest auton price with 4,310 operating hours. It reached its new destination in Colorado at $410,000.

Other than Caterpillar, John Deer’s 672GP with 3,587 operating hours reached its new spot in Phoenix at $215,000. As per Top Bid Data, buyers acquired approximately 31 used motor graders, fetching an average selling price of $192,355.

The Future Of the Motor Grader Market Is Bright

The increasing number of smart city projects and the shift towards urbanization are creating room for big construction developments. In 2021, the global motor grader market reached $6 billion, and experts predict it will achieve a substantial $12 billion by the end of the current decade in 2023.

This hike will positively increase the company’s annual growth rate of motor graders by a 5.9% increment. In a nutshell, the demand for motor graders will continue to increase with the increase of on-highway and off-highway developments.

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