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1989  16G


1989 16G

  • Hours: 38,563
  • Serial: 93U02963
  • Model: 16G
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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1990  16G


1990 16G

  • Hours: 26,337
  • Serial: 093U03157
  • Model: 16G
  • Location: Arizona
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The CAT 16 range, which includes such models as the 16G and 16M3, is a motor grader specially designed for mining and haul road maintenance and development projects. As such, it has been carefully created and manufactured to work in demanding environments and utilises both fuel-efficient technology and a durable Cat frame. 

Performance and efficiency
The Caterpillar 16 is optimised for precision and reliability as it features a front axle steering cylinder wheel, which ensures hydraulic lines can be routed efficiently. Downtime and maintenance repairs are minimised as the machine is modular and different components can be removed and changed with minimum disruption. This not only reduces downtime but is more fuel-efficient as certain operations do not need to be disturbed during maintenance work. 

Operation and features
As the CAT 16 has been optimised for mining and road maintenance use, it is complete with an adjusted weight balance that ensures the machine can continue to work to maximum efficiency even when carrying a large load. The weight balance also ensures the CAT 16 can maintain steady ground speed and improves its traction, so the machine can be used in multiple environments. Other innovative features include a read view camera and a seat belt indicator, to improve both the safety and comfort of the machine's operator.

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