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2012 14M

Serial: R9J00477
Hours: 9,806

16FT Blade, 20.5 X 25 Tires, Base Plus 4 HYDS, Cold Weather, MS Ripper, Push Block.

2012 14M

Serial: R9J00637
Hours: 11,056

Transmission was rebuilt in May 2016 at 7100 hours. MS ripper and push block ( NON USA EPA COMP

2005 14H

Serial: ASE1360
Hours: 13,250

16' Moldboard, Air Conditioner, Air Suspension Seat, Circle Clutch, Low Profile Cab/Rops, P

2012 14M

Serial: B9J01271
Hours: 14,790

Low Profile Cab Enclosed ROPS 4WD Drive, Auto Articulation, ARO/GPS Ready, Air Conditioning, He

2011 14M

Serial: R9J00243
Hours: 12,461

Enclosed Rops, Air Conditioning, Heater Includes Product Link, Blade Length: 14' Accumulato


The range of 14 motor graders from CAT, including the 14M, 14H and the 14M3, has long set the industry standard for motor grader machinery. The CAT 14 is frequently used in road maintenance and construction projects due to its technological features and fuel efficiency.

Cost-effective and eco-conscious
The CAT 14 can be operated in a standard economy mode, limiting its maximum engine speed and therefore reducing fuel usage. Fuel consumption can be further regulated by the VHP Plus feature which delivers the optimum power in all gears, ensuring fuel is not unnecessarily used. Reducing fuel consumption is not only more environmentally conscious, but it also ensures projects can be completed as cost-efficiently as possible. 

Performance capabilities
To improve the accuracy of the grading, the CAT 14 is complete with a load-sensing system which allows the operator to have increased control over the machine and its hydraulic performance. The pressure-compensating valves have various flow rates, improving the speed and accuracy for which the machine responds to commands. 

Easy maintenance
The CAT 14 requires minimal maintenance, ensuring it is a long-lasting and durable addition to a construction project. Both vertical and horizontal screws are used to hold the moldboard wear strips in the correct place, reducing blade chatter and improving overall blade control. The wear strips can be easily accessed should they need replacing.

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