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2003  143H


2003 143H

  • Hours: 14,990
  • Serial: APN00282
  • Model: 143H
  • Location: Houston, Texas.
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2007  143H


2007 143H

  • Hours: 11,630
  • Serial: APN01050
  • Model: 143H
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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The CAT 143 motor graders, such as the 143H, are designed with a turbocharged diesel engine and robust CAT frame to create a durable and efficient piece of machinery. Motor graders such as the CAT 143 are frequently required in construction projects usually for dirt or gravel road formation or maintenance. 

Operation and performance
Operators will find using the CAT 143 straightforward and effortless as electronic controls, such as the electronic shift control and electronic overspeed protection, ensure the machine can be operated comfortably. Each blade is complete with a blade float position that ensures the blades can move both freely and precisely. For control over direction, parking and speed, a single lever control is used, ensuring the machine can be operated easily. 

Greater fuel efficiency is achieved with a direct injection fuel system which requires no adjustments and ensures the engine is working in an optimum condition. The CAT 143 features a responsive itching pedal which requires low effort to operate, meaning greater accuracy and efficiency can be created by small movements. The shift lever is similarly easily manoeuvrable, allowing the machine to work more accurately and efficiently. In the event hydraulic pressure is lost, a secondary steering option is available.

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