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1992  13G


1992 Cat 13G

  • Hours: 17,032
  • Serial: 61M14745
  • Model: 13G
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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The CAT 13 motor grader, available in such models as the 13G, is a reliable motor grader built with a durable frame renowned by the CAT company and a powerful diesel engine. From moving earth to road maintenance, this sturdy piece of machinery is able to deliver a consistently high performance, even in demanding or adverse conditions.

Ease of operation
Despite the CAT 13's robust frame and heavy operating weight, it can be operated with ease. Power shifting ensures manoeuvring the machine is effortless and precise movements can be made to ensure the motor grading is as accurate as possible. Unlike inferior motor graders, the CAT 13 operates with precise blade control allowing motor grading tasks to be finished more efficiently and effectively.

Performance and efficiency
The CAT 13 features long-life components, minimising the time the machine is out of service as it requires minimal maintenance. CAT's design and engineering ensure the machine can be used frequently in tough working conditions without compromising its performance. Designed with the operator in mind, the machine can be used in total comfort, making the machine suitable for use in long shifts or lengthy construction projects. This machine delivers a strong all-around performance for multiple construction projects.

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