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1976 12G

Serial: 61M1765
Hours: 7,902

Diff Loc/Unlock, High Profile CAB, Side Shift, Tip Control, Erops 14.00 x 24 Tires (Samson)

2004 12H

Serial: CBK00492
Hours: 13,061

Good Working Condition Machine.

2006 12H

Serial: AMZ01025
Hours: 11,451

14' Moldboard, Air Conditioner, Air Dryer,AM FM Radio, Auto Shift, Beacon, Blade Extension,

1980 12G

Serial: 61M08050
Hours: 7,123

12' Moldboard, Differential Lock, Throttle Lock, Air Dryer, High Profile Cab/Rops, Transmis

2004 12H

Serial: AMZ00545
Hours: 13,500

LP Cab W/Heat and AC, 14.0r24 Tires, Base +1 Hydraulics, 14'x24"x7/8" Moldboard w

1982 12G

Serial: 61M09653
Hours: 0

MS Ripper

1995 12G

Serial: 3WC01916
Hours: 19,477

Air Conditioner, Erops, Product Link, Lighting, Beacon, Pushblock, Low Profile Cab/rops. 


CAT is renowned for producing quality motor graders, and the CAT 12 range, which includes the 12G, does not disappoint. Hydraulic blade controls ensure the machine can be operated precisely and the sharp turning wheels provide effortless manoeuvrability for the machine. 

Performance capabilities
Blade drift is eliminated by lock valves and the hydraulic controls ensure multiple controls can be used at once without compromising the blade speed or accuracy. The hydraulic controls can maintain blade speed, even when the engine speed varies. This ensures that the CAT 12 motor grader can produce clear cut lines for multiple construction projects.

The CAT 12 is operated with a single level power shift and the machine can be used in six forward speeds and six reverse speeds. The margin for speed error is removed as a transmission lock is featured on the steering system to prevent accident gear changes. 

Optional additions
You can customise the CAT 12 to meet any specific requirements of a construction project. For example, if the machine is required for use in a warm climate an air conditioner can be added to the machine, to ensure operator comfort. 610 mm blade extensions can also be added to the CAT 12, for projects that require a larger blade reach.

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