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2008  120M


2008 120M

  • Hours: 6,283
  • Serial: B9C00312
  • Model: 120M
  • Location: Houston, Texas.
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CAT introduced their next generation of motor graders with the 120 range, including such models as the 120M. As a next-generation motor grader, it offers multiple steering options and claims to reduce fuel consumption by 15%. The CAT 120 is also packed with features that improve the comfort of its operator.

Technological features
Unlike older machines, the CAT 120 streamlines the efficiency of motor grading with multiple updated features. An 8" colour touchscreen can be used to control the machine and a digital slope meter can be used to control the blades without having to manually check them. The software used to run the machine can be updated with remote services, eliminating the need to take the machine out of service. 

Efficiency and performance
By operating the CAT 120 in eco-mode, fuel economy can be increased. Fuel-efficiency is further achieved as CAT technology achieves more accurate blade movement which allows operators to reach their target grades in a quicker time frame. The CAT 120 utilises next-generation fuel, engine, oil and air filters to reduce filtration costs and improve the environmentally friendly nature of the machine. Fuel efficiency does not only improve the environmental impact of the motor grader, but it also helps reduce costs.

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