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1999 163H

Serial: 5AK00222
Hours: 17,314

Erops, Side Shift, Diff Lock/Unloc Slipclutch Beacon, Air Conditioner Tip Control All Wheel Dri

1999 163H

Serial: 5AK00236
Hours: 18,031

Good Condition Machine with Ripper

2006 163H

Serial: ARL00431
Hours: 17,800

Fresh Trade, 14’ Blade, Low Cab, Ripper.


The CAT motor grader 163, which is available in such models as the 163H, is ideal for use in construction projects that require accurate dirt and gravel road work. The CAT 163 has been designed to optimise efficiency without compromising performance. 

Operation and performance
The CAT 163 has been manufactured with an extended engine life, allowing it to move large loads with ease. The engine is complete with a hydraulic fan which automatically adjusts cooling levels to ensure the engine never burns out and consistently works to maximum efficiency. The life of the engine is preserved thanks to the fan and the large engine design, which conserves power and therefore reduces internal stresses. 

Efficient fuel use is achieved with an innovative injection fuel system, which utilises high injection pressures to maximise fuel combustion. The 163 has also been designed to reduce emissions, reducing the environmental impact of its use. 

A blade float is built into the CAT 163 blade lift control valves to ensure the blades can move accurately and freely. This ensures blades can move more precisely, even when operating in icy conditions or removing snow. Operators will find the machine incredibly easy to use as it features an itching pedal which allows the machine to be controlled more conveniently.

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