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2002  CB634C


2002 CB634C

  • Hours: 8,445
  • Serial: 3BR00620
  • Model: CB634C
  • Location: Houston, TX, USA
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Caterpillar CB634 and models in its class

With a turbo diesel engine and a number of tools to make complying with density requirements as easy as possible, this class of Caterpillar compactors is designed to complete tasks quickly and effectively. The CB634 series of drum rollers also includes models such as the CB634C and all are manufactured to Caterpillar’s famously exacting standards.

Adaptability for higher productivity
Operating at a range of amplitudes that can be matched with a variety of materials and outcomes, these compactors can accommodate fluctuating conditions with a choice of five settings. High amplitudes are designed to process harsh mixes or thicker lifts, while the lowest amplitude settings are calibrated for use with thinner lifts and more delicate materials. Whatever the job, these compactors will furnish the capabilities to get the project completed with maximum efficiency.

Superb, versatile performance
This class of roller can be deployed at all stages of the compaction process, reducing the need for extra items of equipment. These machines are engineered to tackle finishing, intermediate and breakdown rolling due to their adaptability. Tough and very durable, these compactors offer high rates of compaction at the beginning of a task, in conjunction with superbly machined drums to give an immaculate finish.

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