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1999  CC232


1999 Dynapac CC232

  • Hours: 3,615
  • Serial: 62010241
  • Model: CC232
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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For projects that require laying asphalt or stabilising surfaces, the Dynapac CC232 and other models in this class will deliver superb handling and performance to ensure an immaculate result every time. Manufactured to the highest possible standards, this nimble but effective double drum vibratory roller is superbly engineered for durability and consistent results.

Safety and precision
This class of compactors combine high frequencies with a low amplitude as a standard feature. These rollers are equipped with split drums to ensure a smooth action, optimised to eliminate any sources of cracking when dealing with curved surfaces facing roundabouts, or tight bends. These machines are supplied with hydrostatic service brakes in forward motion and reverse, and emergency multidisc failsafe brakes are also fitted on the drum halves for total control and confidence at all times.

Consistent, reliable performance
These rollers can be used for a variety of engineering-related works, including compressing soil and gravel for laying foundations. With variable speeds, amplitudes and vibration frequencies, these machines are adaptable in a wide variety of exacting situations. Designed for straightforward driving, simple maintenance and easily replicated outcomes, these rollers will hold their value for future resale and give excellent service for many years to come.