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2005  CA262PD


2005 Dynapac CA262PD

  • Hours: 6,796
  • Serial: 62620418
  • Model: CA262PD
  • Location: Baytown, Texas
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2005  CA262D


2005 Dynapac CA262D

  • Hours: 11,904
  • Serial: 67520409
  • Model: CA262D
  • Location: Houston, Texas
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The Dynapac CA 262 single drum vibratory rollers are suitable for medium-heavy soil compaction.

This model has a number of series models including CA 262D, CA 262PDB and CA 262PD, which have an operating mass of up to 14 000 kg and 150 horsepower.

The CA 262 has a number of controls which can improve performance and reliability. The cab has optional air conditioning in order to maximise the comfortability of working conditions. The speed selector also enables the rollers to be operated at either a low or high speed, so the equipment can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each job. There are working lights to the rear and front of the machine to enable successful operation when visibility is reduced.

Safety features
The CA 262 also has several features which ensure that the machinery is operated safely. For example, the warning lamp is used to indicate a fault with the hydraulic propulsion system and the frequency meter displays the amount of vibration and current engine speed. The warning lamp can also indicate a number of other faults, like low battery charge and low fuel level to alert the user to ensure that the supply remains consistent. An optional first aid kit can also be stored in the cab in case of emergency.