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DYNAPAC CA251 For Sale

1996 CA251D

Serial: 58312336
Hours: 3,604

Smooth Drum Roller. 152 Horsepower Cummins Diesel. 84'' Vibratory Roller. 3,604 Hours.


The CA 251 are single drum rollers which are suitable for use in a range of projects, whether the project is a small utility task or a larger landscape job. As the machines are compact in size, they are particularly useful where space may be limited.

The CA 251 single drum rollers have a range of series models, including the CA 251D, CA 251A and CA 251PD, which all provide the same, high-quality outcome.

These single drum rollers have an operating mass of up to 10500kg and a speed range of 0-23km/h, which makes them particularly versatile. The machines have an integrated drum cassette, air filter and hydraulic filter, to name just a few integral pieces of equipment.

Safety features
As well as its high-performance, there are several safety features for this model to ensure that the user is protected. This includes a voltmeter to ensure that the machine operates at a normal voltage of 12-15 volts, a warning lamp to indicate if the lubricating oil pressure is low and a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature of the hydraulic fluid. Another particularly useful safety feature is the brake warning lamp. This is beneficial to determine whether the vehicle is stationary, as it is illuminated if the parking brake is applied.

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