Intelligent Compaction Road Rollers To Pave Ways In 2024

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  • 1 January 2024

Are you still stuck in the conventional way of paving a road?

Do you prioritize human measurement and mere intuition to assure specification alignment? If so we are about to unveil the advancement compaction technology is about to offer.

To make money at a sustainable level while taking your business to an advanced stage, continue reading!

Intelligent Compaction: What Is It?

The latest inclusion of intelligent compassion (IC) in road roller for sale is a feature that every contractor is willing to invest in. Additionally, the mechanism has improved the functions of infrared thermometers, GNSS mapping, accelerometers, and evaluating systems.

The main impact seen in these technologies is the uniform coverage, high control, and operational density for different construction operations.

Intelligent compaction aims to compact the terrain in the first run increasing overall operational performance and productivity at lowered duration.

How Does An Intelligent Compaction Roller Improve Construction?

The roller equipped with intelligent compaction features an integrated evaluation system with highly precise monitoring sub-systems. A normal roller function is far away from what an intelligent compaction roller can perform.

IC-equipped rollers record readings relative to material stiffness. It instantly updates the operator about areas that are compacted and those that require more compaction.

Through prompt navigation and coverage reports both the operator and project manager get real-time road condition analysis.

Select machine driving power, compaction meter value, auto-adjusting capacity, and much more to safely and expediently accomplish your project requirements.

How Is Intelligent Compaction Roller Influencing The Conventional Roading Process?

One of the most observed benefits in intelligent compaction road roller for sale is their ability to give accurate compassion requirements at each pass followed by the beneath benefits;

  • Reduction of fuel consumption minimizing the overall fuel cost 
  • Less operating hours to complete the compaction resulting in lesser machine consumption with minimized chances of depreciation 
  • Material costs are minimized to half due to lesser rework 
  • A fast execution process helps in completing the project with strict deadlines 
  • Easy-to-use operations help fresh operators make the most out of heavy equipment
  • Site safety elevates with the lesser need for ground personnel due to accurate compaction measurement sensors 

How To Buy IC-Equipped Road Rollers?

With so many benefits and compaction accuracy, you need to pay 3 to 5 percent more for an IC-equipped road roller for sale as compared to an old one. However, you can still upgrade a used road roller with a retrofit kit into an IC-equipped roller. It will cost you $50,000 to $75,000.

However, you need to take care of the manufacturers and the preferred requirements as it contributes to the cost. 

However, the main brands that provide IC-equipped road roller for sale are Caterpillar, Bomag, Ammann/Case, Sakai, Dynapac, and Hamm-Wirtgen. If you want to buy used heavy equipment at a reasonable rate and with high quality, visit MY-Equipment today.

Do not consider the prices high, as you will regain them within two to three road construction projects. And the quality you will give to the customers will add a by-product for your business’s sustainable growth.

What’s Next?

The last 10 years of the construction industry were full of lower productivity rates, and higher operation and maintenance costs. All thanks to the current innovations in the heavy construction equipment sector which has given rise to quality pavement operations. These innovations in the form of advanced techniques are revolutionizing and redefining conventional road-making processes.

Among these innovations, the most rewarding one is the IC-equipped road rollers. Such rollers with intelligent compaction intend to resolve the challenges, operator’s issues, and other traditional compaction techniques.

By transforming all the traditional compaction challenges, the future of advanced heavy equipment will be brighter than ever!

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