About Backhoe loaders and their functions

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  • Backhoe Loaders
  • 24 September 2019

Backhoe loaders are some of the most common types of heavy equipment that are used in construction activities. They are available in different sizes and have high horsepower ratings, which enables them to dig up to 21 feet depending on their model. Although they are often confused with excavators, backhoe loaders are much smaller and can rotate up to 200 degrees, unlike the excavator machinery. Besides, backhoe loaders are not only used in construction sites but can also be utilised by farmers.

The components of a backhoe loader

The backhoe loaders are versatile types of equipment as they are a combination of three pieces of machinery that include a loader, backhoe, and a tractor. Below are the three components in detail.

The tractor

The core function of a backhoe tractor is to help in the mobility of the equipment. This component of machinery comes as an added advantage to the equipment as it can be driven between sites at speeds of 25mph. The construction equipment also has a turbo diesel engine, steering controls, and rugged tires that enable it to manoeuvre in both on and off-road terrain. For this reason, project managers should be well-informed about the availability of the various types of heavy machinery for sale out there that can greatly cut their transportation costs.

The backhoe

The backhoe is the main component of the heavy construction equipment. It comprises of a boom, stick, and bucket. It is the arm of the machinery that is linked with two hydraulic booms connected on its backside. The machinery is best suited in digging all sorts of trenches and holes though it can also dig ditches. The three segments of the backhoe are connected with three joints, a design that makes it easier to dig. Notably, the Caterpillar backhoe incorporates a bent boom that faces in the upward direction for the creation of more space when the bucket scoops material.

The loader

While the backhoe is located on the back of the equipment, the loader is attached to its front. Their functions are different as the loader does not dig but is used to pick loose material. It can also be used to push dirt where this is achieved as the operator drives the tractor.

As seen, a backhoe loader is one of the types of heavy equipment that can perform numerous activities in the construction site. Whether you require brand new or used backhoe for sale, you can visit the MY-Equipment website for more information about the backhoe loader.