Hitachi’s EX3600-7 mining excavator: Everything you need to know

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 19 September 2019

Hitachi’s new EX3600-7 excavator is one of the new EX-7 Series machines released in 2019 together with EX2600-7, EX1200-7, and EX5600-7. The EX3600-7 was made available for pre-order as from April 2019. Before buying an excavator, it is essential to know what to expect from it.

The EX3600-7 excavator has raised the bar from its predecessors, offering a range of quality which is unmatched. The excavator boasts the inclusion of original features enhancing its safety and comfort levels while also delivering increased durability, reliability, and efficiency.

Enhanced safety and comfort

The EX3600-7 cab has a pressurised climate-controlled air conditioner which helps it overcome environmental extremes and dust. The optimal cushioning of the operator’s weight is accurately calculated to match the air suspension seat by adjusting the pressure automatically. The nearly effortless and precise operation is significantly integrated by the electronic joysticks connected to the machine’s microprocessor. Other new options and features contributing to safety and comfort are its high angle which has a 360-degree vision system, improved handrails, anti-slip walkways, and an on-board inclinometer. The features are responsible for improved operational performance, minimised operator fatigue, and enhanced comfort.

Optimal durability

The EX3600-7 excavator can endure menacing terrains and tough jobs, providing optimal strength. The new excavator disperses stress more evenly across the slanted, sturdy frame since its mainframe is stronger compared to the previous models. The exclusive centre track structure significantly cuts the chance of failure in perilous high-stress parts by providing maximum dispersion through specifically designed forged steel. Other new features that reinforce durability are its unique patented track shoes produced from the hardening process of Hitachi, the slit-less reliable conduit protecting its wires, the three double-sided upper rollers, and the lubrication piping cover on the swing bearing.

Enhanced consistency

The new excavator significantly optimises machine longevity and minimise downtime with its intelligent features. The grease level indicator, in-line grease filter with breather, new grease pump, and an innovative system of auto-lubrication armoured with grease tank, which has an immense capacity, help in reducing downtime. The excavator’s hydraulic oil cooler is larger with variable speed that reduces its energy demand consequently improving maintainability. This subsequently creates a more consistent hydraulic scheme, thus effectively reducing the temperatures. The excavator also has a pressurised system to extend the amenity life of electronic constituents inside and to minimise dust infiltration. Other original features that improve the reliability of the new excavator are the loose primary wire connections, self-lubricating centre joint, rearranged hydraulic hoses, and reduced cylinder pump flow rate.

Maximised efficiency

The new X3600-7 excavator is often available in a shovel configuration or backhoe. Its fuel consumption optimisation (FCO) technology enables it to reduce the costs of consumption by 4-7 percent. This enhances its sustainability and allows it to achieve superior productivity. The other new features that help in maximising efficiency are its increased bucket capacity of 22m3, the hydraulic regeneration circuit, and the individually controlled hydraulic pump.