Some of the types of heavy construction equipment and their uses

types of heavy construction equipment

Various types of heavy construction machinery are required in projects during large construction processes. While each type of equipment may serve a different purpose, some of the machinery may have multiple functions. The selection of the equipment is determined by its purpose in the site and economies of the project.

There are several widely recognized brands such as Tadano, Caterpillar, and Dynapac among others that provide heavy construction equipment. They continue to advance with the use of technology to provide quality construction machines. For instance, the Caterpillar Company recently unveiled a new D3 version on one of its products, the skid-steer loader, which will greatly enhance the heavy machinery for sale.

Below are four of the most common types of equipment and their uses.

1. Excavator

An excavator is a simple machine that is widely used as it can serve many purposes during construction projects. It can rotate to up to 360 degrees to make the work easier and is available in the form of a wheeled or tracked machine. The track version can manoeuvre through various conditions and terrain, unlike the wheels. The wheels, on the other hand, may make the work move fast as they are faster than the tracks. Constructed with a long digging bucket, the excavator’s main purpose is to excavate but it is also used in demolitions, heavy lifting, digging, cutting of trees, and so on.

2. Backhoe

The backhoe is used to perform multiple functions because it is a combination of a tractor, a backhoe, and a loader. With this, its primary functions are digging and lifting heavy materials to place them in a particular area. It is also useful when digging hard materials or excavating trenches or ditches. The versatile machinery can rotate up to 200 degrees, performing various other functions such as moving dirt and navigating smoothly on rough terrain since it is also a tractor.

3. Crane

A crane is commonly used in the construction projects of tall structures. It is used to lift heavy materials such as steel trusses, pre-stressed concrete blocks, and frames among others. Also known as a tower crane, the long equipment works by the use of pulleys and cables to lift materials to the required height.

4. Dozer

The dozer excavation equipment uses hydraulic pistons to remove the top layer of soil to a particular depth. Fitted with a sharped-edge metal plate, the dozer can move substantial amounts of rubble, sand, or soil. Other core functions include the loosening of hard substances and the removal of weak rock strata.


It is advisable to know what kind of heavy construction equipment best suits your project, as some have multipurpose uses as seen above. You can get more information regarding some of the heavy construction equipment for sale from the MY-Equipment website.

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