The considerable benefits of buying used equipment and machinery

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 2 September 2019

Are you looking to add heavy equipment and machinery in agriculture, landscaping, engineering, and construction to your business or organization? Do you have a hard time choosing whether to invest in new or used equipment and machinery? While buying the latest models may seem the right way in some cases, there are many circumstances in which the benefits of acquiring used construction equipment and machinery are undeniable. The following are the advantages of purchasing preowned construction equipment from an authorized dealer you should consider.

Lower Cost

Buying quality used equipment and machinery can significantly save you thousands in cash since it is cheaper. The value of any heavy machinery is always estimated to drop by over 25 per cent once used. While it is helpful to get brand new equipment, the investment can considerably impact on the cash flow of the company. Used heavy machinery is beneficial since it provides nearly identical efficiency, technology, and productivity at a lower cost. Apart from the lower purchase price, there is an additional advantage of lower expenses such as interest charges on financed purchases, insurance, and taxes.

Better Resale Value

Used equipment and machinery significantly hold their value after the first 12 months of purchase. It also allows for the deduction of expenses such as insurance, maintenance, interest on financing costs, and amortization. If and when you decide to move on from your equipment, you can recoup an amount close to the purchase price. While it helps to pay for itself with increased revenue, it exponentially allows your income to increase.

Avoid Depreciation

Construction equipment for sale, like any other machinery, starts depreciating the moment it is purchased. A new piece of equipment depreciates at a rate of between 20-40 per cent in the first year after purchase. This makes it possible for the buyer to owe more on it than its worth in the first year. A buyer can easily avoid this dip in depreciation by opting for preowned equipment.

Holds Value

Used equipment holds its value much longer as long as it’s properly maintained. Apart from tracking the expenses acquired in servicing the machine for income tax, keeping detailed service records is crucial when you decide on selling the equipment later on. These details are essential to prospective buyers and can help in getting a substantial offer.

Ease of Acquisition

When looking for heavy equipment for sale, you need to consider factors such as the time and speed of delivery. The comfort to acquire equipment without going through the stress of placing an order and waiting for it to be manufactured is also essential. Used machinery and equipment are readily accessible in-store. Immediately the deal is finalized, and the machine is delivered, it can start to work. This gives the buyer an excellent opportunity to know its condition and proven work record.


It is essential to thoroughly examine the used equipment and used machinery before committing to buy. For the buyer to familiarize themselves with the vital details of the equipment and machinery, the dealer is advised to give them time and space to inspect thoroughly. Engine and transmission, chassis, tires, tracks, and cab are examples of what a buyer interested in purchasing used construction equipment should examine before making a decision.