The importance of advanced technology on construction equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 16 September 2019

One of the most vital concerns during construction projects is usually the cost of the construction equipment. The project managers may either decide to purchase new or acquire used construction equipment for hire depending on their budget. It is, however, important to consider acquiring heavy construction equipment that is fitted with the latest technology due to several factors. Below are some of the reasons why using high-tech construction equipment may be of greater benefit.

Ease of communication and improved site safety

Modern pieces of heavy construction equipment have been incorporated with computing systems that now make communication easier. This ensures that all on-site workers are on the same page, thus significantly improving communication. Advanced technology on construction vehicles has also had a positive impact on on-site safety as well. This is chiefly because avoidable work accidents that have been previously experienced due to lack of proper communication have been highly reduced.

Improved and effective design

Improved design on the construction equipment has greatly enhanced the performance and correction of past mistakes during construction projects. For example, a mistake such as the previous scooping of twice as much earth by excavators has been eliminated. This has been made possible through the installation of cameras and sensors on the excavators, which have highly improved the visibility required by the operators.

Intelligent technology

Modern heavy construction vehicles have been incorporated with intelligent technology known as telematics systems. The technology uses the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the system to communicate internally or externally to relay information. What this means is that the equipment has sensors that monitor its performance, operating condition, fuel consumption, idle time, and GPS tracking among other functions. The fitted technology also enables the machine in self- detecting any malfunctioning that needs repair before it turns out to be a bigger problem.

Management of the operation cost

Heavy construction machinery equipped with the latest technology can significantly help with the management of operating expenses. This is because they come fitted with the telematics system, a technology that enables the collection of data on various functions of the equipment. The data collected then helps the project managers to monitor and manage the operations expenses by controlling the areas they can reduce their costs.

As seen, the adoption of high-tech construction machinery is crucial as it has a great wealth of benefits in a construction project. With areas of consideration being productivity and cutting costs, it is important to embrace construction vehicles that are fitted with the latest technology. Browse our site today to find what you need.