4 key considerations when choosing the best excavator bucket

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 22 October 2019

Excavators are one of the hardest-working pieces of heavy machinery on the market and a great investment for construction, demolition or mining projects. They are certainly a must on any site where large amounts of digging, dredging or movement of soil, sand or other loads are taking place.

The bucket of your excavator makes all the difference in completing a safe, efficient job every time. It is the bucket that transfers the power and engineering of your machinery for your bulk material handling. The right choice of excavator bucket will make a massive impact on your machine’s performance, energy consumption and longevity. A sub-optimal bucket application, performs poorly, wastes time and risks damage to both your excavator and bucket.

Save on lost time and maintenance costs with these 4 key considerations for choosing your excavator bucket.

1. Excavator bucket size and shape.

Your bucket size and capacity should complement the capabilities and performance of your excavator. You need to consider the dig-depth and lift-capacity you will require for your project and match your bucket accordingly. Size and shape will vary between trenching, ditching and angle tilt excavator buckets with trenching buckets being an ideal choice for narrow, deep trenches and the wide and deep profile of a ditching bucket ideal for a variety of materials.

2. The material your bucket will work with.

Depending on the material you are digging, you may need a heavy-duty or severe-duty bucket. A heavy-duty duty bucket is a great all-rounder for typical loads such as sand, clay or shale. Materials that are particularly abrasive should be handled with a severe-duty bucket which is suitably reinforced.

3. Fabrication and quality.

An excavator is a major investment and it is well worth paying attention to the fabrication of your bucket for optimal longevity and minimal maintenance. A good quality bucket will be strategically reinforced along the bucket’s back, bottom and sides, along with other manufacturing features that increase durability and minimise wear.

4. Excavator bucket accessories.

A great choice of excavator bucket should be able to accommodate some of the range of great accessories on the market which is designed to make the job easier. Toothbars, specialised teeth, side-cutters and easy couplings make ‘light’ work of a tough job and also increase the life-span of your bucket. It is also well worth shopping around for an excavator bucket which comes with wear items and readily replaceable parts.