7 uses of motor graders

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 21 October 2019

A motor grader is a piece of equipment that is self-propelled and has an adjustable blade between its front and rear axles. The blade can be used to complete various tasks such as leveling surfaces, cutting, and spreading material. Motor grades are also suitable for different applications, which can be accomplished by attaching particular units on the machinery. There are two types of motor graders, depending on the arrangement of the frame. The rigid frame type has a single axle and cannot turn in both directions about a point while the articulated frame type has a hinge between the two axles. The feature of the latter makes it suitable for turning around in small spaces. Depending on your project, here are some of the ways you can use a motor grader.

Surface leveling and fine grading

A grader is one of the most essential and useful pieces of equipment that is frequently used by road constructors in leveling soil. The creation of a level base during road construction is probably the most common application of motor grader. Before a bitumen layer is added on the road, it is usually necessary to make the surface uniform.


Motor graders are useful in moving dug soil from one location to another to pave the way for construction or access.

Creating inclines

Construction work may sometime require inclinations. Motor graders are perfect for creating precise slopes or inclines.

Scarifying and spreading materials

The initial stage of the process involves the complete removal of a soil layer. After that, the motor grader can add and spread a new and different layer to the same surface.

Trenching and ditching

A claw-like unit called a ripper can be attached to the grader for trenching and ditching purposes. The application is especially useful in creating drainage systems. The same principle can be applied in cutting of large bank canals.

Snow and ice removal

Areas within the Snow Belt can use the equipment in snow plowing. Depending on the depth of the snow, different blades or plows such as V-plow can be mounted on a motor grader. The equipment can then be used in digging and lifting ice or snow off the streets.

Mixing materials

While there are better types of machinery that can be used in the mixing of two or more materials, graders can also achieve the same purpose. In the absence of mixers, graders can effectively be improvised for mixing purposes.

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