Common areas where businesses use forklifts

  • Editorial Team
  • Forklift
  • 12 October 2019

Forklifts are some of the most essential pieces of heavy equipment that businesses need for efficient operations. As heavy lifters, forklifts are useful in the faster movement of weighty materials from one location to another. The design of forklifts has evolved over the years to enable applications in various areas. Here are some of the common areas where different businesses can use forklifts.

In warehouses

Forklifts are arguably most used in warehouses for both loading and unloading purposes. They come in different sizes and capacities, usually indicated on a plate that determines the weight of materials they can safely lift.

In dockyards

The equipment is also useful in the loading and unloading of ships. Bulky containers can easily be lifted from delivery trucks to the vessel while goods that have docked after transit can also be moved to storage facilities using forklifts.

In construction sites

Forklifts can be used in construction sites for carrying and transporting heavy construction materials. They are especially suitable for moving building materials over rough terrains. Forklifts are effective and ideal for use in construction sites because they combine the functions of transport and lifting of materials such as bricks and steel joists.

In snow ploughing

Snow ploughing is another outdoor application of forklift. A well-equipped forklift with the right traction can be used in shovelling snow to safer areas. Instead of hiring a snowplough, your business can save costs by using a forklift to clear off areas such as walkways and parking lots to enable secure access.

In training operators and mechanics

Forklifts can be used to train new equipment operators and mechanics. A company can train its personnel about different mechanisms of forklift operation before or even after their certification. You can buy a pre-owned forklift or use an existing one to train new operators since they are an inexpensive choice in terms of both acquisition and replacement in case of damage.

In recycling operations

Forklifts are used in junkyards to unload materials from trucks to sorting and recycling bays. Forklifts are suitable for use in these areas because they can dump materials from trailers, railway cars, or even straight trucks.

In aerial works

Forklifts can be used as alternative equipment to cranes for lifting workers to elevated heights. While ensuring safety precautions such as incorporating specially-designed cages, forklifts can be used in raising people who can then carry out different duties. Some of the aerial works that may need the use of a forklift include trimming trees, replacing high ceiling bulbs, and stacking items on high shelves.

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