Common uses of dozers

  • Editorial Team
  • Crawler Dozer
  • 17 October 2019

A dozer is a piece of heavy machinery with a flat blade, which can be lifted and moved by hydraulic arms during operation. Manufacturers have created innovative designs that enable dozers of different shapes, sizes, and attachments to do different jobs. Despite being initially used by farmers in ploughing and landscaping, dozers have evolved and can now be used effectively in other sectors beyond agriculture. Here are some of the areas where individuals or companies can use dozers.

Building roads

Dozers are one of the many, but arguably the most important, heavy equipment machines needed for road building. Constructing roads requires the removal of the less stable topsoil that mainly contains organic matter and moisture. Dozers are used in pushing the topsoil away, clearing the area, and smoothing the surface before it is filled with gravel.

Construction projects

Whether for personal or commercial purposes, dozers are perfect for various activities during the construction of houses. The machinery comes in handy, especially in the initial stages of construction, such as stripping off vegetation, digging foundations, disposal of unwanted materials, and managing drainage. It can also be used to pull loads of gravel or cement bags.

Demolition of structures

Dozers are used in the destruction of old, unwanted, and dilapidated structures or properties. Large bulldozers can be used to knock and bring down a derelict structure. The equipment is suitable for demolition since it saves you the time and effort of having to deconstruct the house piece by piece. It can then be used to collect the debris into a pile and cleaning up the area. Small dozers can effectively tear up barns or sheds and are used to push the rubble away. The design of a dozer that includes an abrasive plate makes it suitable for crushing hard surfaces and effective for use even in irregular land.


Do you want to create a drainage system or dig a pond? Dozers are suitable for moving dirt from even the most compact earth. The same equipment can also be used to move large amounts of soil for underground house construction or golf courses. It saves you the hassle of having to rely on backhoes only, thus faster completion of tasks. Dozers are also useful during mining, where soil deposits need to be removed to reach ores.

Cutting down trees

Dozers can be used for deforestation. With its sharp blades, a dozer can help in cutting down large trees and other vegetation. Clearing land can be due to reasons such as farming, construction, or creating access.


Do you have a large driveway or compound covered with snow than your shovel can handle? A dozer may be what you need for faster and effective plowing of snow over a large area.

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