Key indicators that your heavy equipment should be serviced

heavy equipment service repair

Used construction equipment will inevitably undergo wear and tear after some years. Heavy equipment owners and operators should have the essential guidelines for identifying signs that the machinery requires repair or maintenance to extend its life. The most critical step in the process is spotting signs that the equipment should be serviced. Here are some key tips that will guide you in making a right and timely judgment call to maintain your heavy equipment.

Frequent failures and breakdowns

When your equipment keeps failing or breaking down even after repairs, it may be time to conduct a thorough servicing to diagnose the real cause of the problem. Failures, whether gradual, sudden or intermittent, can be induced by different factors, which makes it critical to accurately isolate the exact issue through maintenance.

Grinding and screeching sounds

Strange noises emanating from the gears of heavy machinery during use is a strong indication that it needs urgent servicing. Differentiating normal sounds from strange wheezing, hissing, or screeching enables equipment operators to carry out the right diagnoses. The machinery should be powered off immediately for a thorough analysis of different parts such as engine, undercarriage, and hydraulics whenever these noises are heard.

Stalling engine

Is your engine stalling or difficult to start? That may be a vital clue and red flag that the heavy equipment may be suffering from one of the many possible causes of engine malfunctions. It may be time to service your machinery for potential problems such as fluid transmission, filter blockage, overheating, or ignition issues.

Fluid leakage

It may be time to service your heavy machinery when oil or coolant starts leaking from various parts. Leakages should be monitored by checking possible malfunctioning in the valves of the machinery. Low levels of these fluids should also be corrected to avoid costly damages. Even with modern low-fluid indicators installed on most dashboards, occasional manual checks are recommended.

Problems with the exhaust system

The nature of the fumes originating from your exhaust system can tell you whether or not your equipment should be serviced. Overly discoloured and thick smoke with a strange smell should signal to an equipment operator that there is an underlying problem that might need assessing. The diagnosis should include checking for clogged filters, faulty oxygen sensors, and ventilation failures.

Heavy equipment is a valuable asset that can be costly to replace. Therefore, early diagnosis of any issues that may necessitate servicing is critical. Timely and proactive identification of problems with heavy equipment not only saves you from high repair costs but also extends the life of your machinery

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