The launch of a new electric powered JCB Teletruk telescopic lift truck

  • Editorial Team
  • Forklift
  • 10 October 2019

The IMHX 2019 show saw a range of new machines launched, with the second electric Teletruk from JCB one of the standout machines on offer. The range was first released in 1997 and has helped revolutionise the way materials are handled in a range of industries. The latest machine joins the award-winning JCB 30-19E, a battery-powered model which was released earlier in the year.

What benefits are offered by the JCB 35-22E?

The new JCB 35-22E benefits from a 3.5-tonne lift capacity, making it ideal for use in a range of industrial facilities, from builder’s merchants to busy ports. When the boom is extended to 2 metres, the teletruck still offers an impressive lift capacity of 2.2kg. The electric lift offers complete versatility and can be used both indoors and outside. In addition, the near-silent operation offered through battery power also results in zero emissions and improved working conditions.

The JCB 35-22E is powered by an 80-volt lead-acid battery, which is capable of working an 8-hour shift from a single charge. The compartment holding the battery is positioned to the rear of the truck, to allow quick battery changeovers in just 2 minutes. When working outside, the trucks electric driveline can climb a 21% gradient, with a fully weather-proof body providing protection from the elements.

For businesses looking to improve machine utilisation, this teletruck uses the LiveLink telematics system from JCB. This provides operators with real-time fuel consumption figures and a detailed analysis of the machine’s operation.

How does the teletruck compare to others on the market?

The JCB teletruck is known for its iconic forward reach telescopic boom, which allows it to rival conventional lift trucks. The truck itself was originally designed as an alternative to the conventional machines available on the market, which feature front-mounted masts designed to raise and lower vertical loads.

This truck offers the reach functionality required in many industries, especially those where goods need to be unloaded and loaded safely and efficiently. The forward reaching boom means there is no need to pull or push items during the moving process, eliminating many of the health and safety risks and reducing the chance of damage.

JCB estimates that the machine is able to unload or load a curtain-sided trailer within 30 minutes, with 50% less space required than traditional counterbalanced trucks.

There are many clear advantages offered by this teletruck, although it may be out of price range for many businesses. However, we have a range of forklift for sale, including many high-quality used forklifts. To find out more about the machines we have in stock, please contact us today.