3 major crane hazards and how to keep safe

  • Editorial Team
  • Cranes
  • 26 November 2019

Cranes are essential components in the manufacturing and construction industry, providing a myriad of uses on a daily basis. Their ability to load and transport heavy materials, however, makes them prone to misuse, leading to a great threat for operators. Crane fatalities are currently on the increase, with more people getting injuries during the course of their work. It is crucial to understand the safety measures while working with cranes, so here is a list of potential hazards and how to avoid them.

Weather hazards

Weather is one of the most common elements that pose danger to crane operators as well as unsuspecting individuals. Light wind, for instance, is enough to rock your crane, increasing the danger of the crane hitting something or someone in the process. Cranes for sale often have warning signs on the methods of operation, so look out for them. You can also assess the weather conditions like snow and rain that can affect the lifting process. If you operate a crane and notice any changes in weather conditions, take some time off to let the conditions calm down.

Electrical hazards

Electrical hazards occur when a crane comes into contact with a high voltage power line. In the event that your used overhead crane comes to contact with a power line, you may get seriously injured due to electrocution. To avoid this, use safe speeds when working near power lines as it will allow you to identify the lines beforehand. Additionally, any cranes for sale should have proper electrical wiring, so be on the lookout when making a purchase. You can also ask your construction supervisors to place visual markers such as fences or tapes for additional safety.

Falling materials

Falling materials is by far one of the leading causes of crane-related deaths, making it a serious hazard. Whether you are working with used terrain cranes or hired mobile cranes, loads can easily slip off due to improper securing or overloads. If you plan on buying such machinery, first check the capacity of the used terrain cranes for sale against your load. Remember to perform regular maintenance on your crane, to ensure that there are no worn out parts or any that need replacements. Lastly, wear protective gear and encourage other workers in the vicinity to do so.

Safety is key when operating cranes so make sure your equipment is in perfect condition. Contact MY Equipment to check out cranes for sale or any other construction machinery at affordable costs.