5 reasons why you should buy a road roller

  • Editorial Team
  • Vibratory Rollers
  • 1 November 2019

Road rollers are used to compact soil and other materials when constructing roads and foundations. Aside from construction, they’re also used at landfills or in agriculture projects.

Should you need a vehicle that meets this functionality, you can find a used road roller for sale online for a much lower price than new ones while still maintaining the quality.

If you’re considering purchasing a used road roller, you might be wondering what it would be useful for and what its benefits are.

1. Use it for different projects

While they may be called a ‘road’ roller, they don’t only have to be used on the road. While road construction is one common use, you can use them for other projects, which is why investing in one for the long term is an effective use of money.

You could also use a roller on construction sites, to smooth out a floor or for farming to compact soil, especially if the project is largescale.

2. There are different ones to choose from

You can choose the type of roller you need for the specific job, so you always know you’re using the best machinery available.

Vibratory rollers are becoming increasingly common, the vehicle vibrates as it moves along, which is powerful if you need to compact multiple layers as it means you only have to pass over a space once.

Then you’ve also got the cylinder roller, which is usually used to compact stone onto flat land.

Double drum rollers are great if you need to use the machine for different types of projects.

3. Hydraulic transmissions allow greater flexibility

In modern roller models, hydraulics are used to reduce the number of moving parts exposed to potential contamination. Why is this important? It allows the drum (the circular wheel) to be driven. This, in turn, provides extra traction when driving the roller uphill.

4. They’re cost-efficient

While buying a whole new piece of equipment may seem like a huge financial commitment, you have to think long-term and work out the incredible benefits you’re going to get from it.

Plus, opting for a used road roller will save you a significant amount on a new one.

5. There are excellent safety features

Safety is one of the main considerations, whatever project you are working on.

Rollers have incredible safety features, including durable windshields and safe operational controls.