Common myths about mini excavators

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 11 November 2019

Just like buying a car from a showroom, purchasing your next mini excavator should be well thought out. There are benefits to buying used and new equipment along with risks. But, as long as you carry out research on the company and the equipment you are planning to purchase, you can avoid unexpected future bills and the regret of making a poor purchase. You may have heard stories surrounding mini excavators which aren’t always accurate. So, what are they and how far from the truth is the myth?

The Performance of Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are great for all types of work from moving heavy wood to rubble. Yet, a common myth which has surrounded these great machines involves their true performance, that lower-powered machines can sometimes be thought of as useless, incapable of carrying out work involving the heavy lifting of materials or involving manoeuvers. The Caterpillar 305E2 (2017) has often been in the spotlight for this reason. The truth is that even the lower-powered machines in the lower 40-50hp range are still capable of performing well, moving weights measuring over a tonne and a half, and even lifting the weight high above the ground, perfect for stacking materials. It is important that you do you your research before looking for a caterpillar mini excavator for sale or you might end up making a costly mistake.

Used and Older Mini Excavators have Hidden Problems

Some people believe older, used equipment has hidden failed parts and the cost wouldn’t be justifiable if fixed. While there is a risk if you choose to buy a mini excavator through a private seller, you should feel confident that a machine purchased from a reputable company will have been checked over by professionals. Used construction equipment for sale is perfectly fine and with some TLC can continue to live a healthy life under your ownership.

Mini Excavators are Difficult to Use

Depending on your location using an excavator might require some form of training to prove the user’s competence (usually a practical test to ensure the user is safe to handle the machinery). This is normally the case if you are using the machine in public and on some building sites. Insurance will also need to be taken out to ensure that if anything was to go wrong, damages can be covered. Before you start looking for a mini excavator for sale in Texas, make sure that you or whoever will be operating the machine is licensed and trained. As long as an individual has the proper training and insurance, they should not find using a mini excavator difficult.

If you are looking for a cat mini excavator for sale, choosing a reputable company can offer help and guidance on which machine is best suited for your company. MY Equipment makes sure that all used equipment for sale is of high quality to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for you.