Mobile cranes: what you should know

  • Editorial Team
  • Cranes
  • 14 November 2019

Thinking about buying a mobile crane?

If so, you’ll want to swat up before making your crane purchase. There are several things you’ll need to consider when choosing the right crane for the job, so read on to find out the key things every mobile crane operator should know before buying.

First off, how do mobile cranes work?

Mobile cranes are used on most large-scale construction jobs and are an incredibly useful piece of kit. They help lift tower cranes, and are particularly useful when loading and unloading heavy materials from the tower crane. Mobile cranes can perform lifts from a stationary position as well as while on the move.

Choosing the right mobile crane

Just like tower cranes, mobile cranes are available in several shapes and sizes depending on the job you need it to do, from 5-tonne machines to more than 1000 tonnes!

Before purchasing your used crane, as yourself these few simple questions:

1. How tall is the structure I’m working on?
2. How much do I need to lift?
3. Is there enough room on the job to maneuver the crane safely?

When shopping for a used crane, always read the small print to ensure its up to the job. If you’re not sure, contact both the seller and the manufacturer to get full details before making your purchase.

How to stay safe when using a mobile crane

Remember, unlike tower cranes that operate from above, mobile cranes work from the ground up, so you’ll need to ensure that the length of your crane is able to extend to the height of your building. While height is critical to get the job done, you’ll also need to check that your crane’s weight guidelines are suitable for the height at which you plan to work. Check with the manufacturer if you’re not sure – if you fail to follow the guidelines it could result in a mechanical failure that could put your workers’ lives at risk.

Terrain cranes for sale

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