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  • 26 November 2019

When considering excavators for a construction project, there are two types from which to choose. They are the wheeled excavator, and the track excavator – often referred to as a crawler excavator. Whether you are looking for a track or a wheeled excavator for sale, you’ll find plenty of choices available online.

Wheeled excavators are perfect in a situation where there is no problem with traction. However, in more challenging environments, where getting to grips with the operating surface is problematic, a track excavator will be required.

Where track excavators come into their own

Excavators are essential wherever you need to move large volumes of earth. Typical industries that need excavators include civil engineering, construction, forestry, mining and quarrying. They come in a variety of sizes, so when looking for the right used track excavator for sale, or a buying a new one, it’s important to choose the right model.

Built for endurance

Why would you go for a used track excavator for sale rather than buying a new one? The single biggest advantage of buying used is, of course, the price. Although when you buy from new, you will get the full benefit of the excavator’s full working life.

Nonetheless, when manufactured, these machines are built to last. They are made from top quality, high-grade materials. In addition, as they are designed for use in heavy-duty, challenging situations and are built to extremely demanding specifications. It means that if you do search out a used track excavator for sale, you will be buying something that should have plenty of years of its working life to offer you.

The importance of health and safety

Buying used does mean that you have to be careful about the credentials of the company from which you are considering buying. Like any business niche, there are always cowboys around and bearing in mind the health and safety issues involved in industries that use heavy-duty machinery, being confident about an equipment’s heritage and its current condition is essential.

Going down the used track excavator for sale route means doing your research properly. Not just the machine’s background, but the suppliers too.

The advantages of buying used, quality machinery

When the budget for a project is tight, buying used will free up money. The money left over can be used in one of two ways. You can use it to buy another piece of kit or some spare parts. Alternatively, if you buy two machines of different sizes, you can choose to use the one most suitable for the task at hand. It also means that you can double-up by using them both thereby saving time. Lastly, you can keep one in reserve.

Having another machine to call on can be a wise decision; especially on a contract where you have a tight time frame. You simply can’t afford downtime.

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