3 exciting crane news stories from 2019

  • Editorial Team
  • Cranes
  • 18 December 2019

For commercial, industrial and domestic use, 2019 saw some of the largest, most impressive construction projects take place across the globe. Many of these projects would have been impossible without the use of cranes. In fact, 20 of the world’s largest crane manufacturers announced their revenue had risen by an average of 12.5%. Below we take a look at some interesting crane news stories that took place in 2019.

1. World’s largest crane finds its home in the UK

The SGC-250, more popularly known as Big Carl, is an impressive 250 metres high and is currently situated in Somerset, UK, helping to build a new power station. The machine runs on 6 km of track and functions with 96 wheels, allowing it to lift 5000 tonnes, the equivalent weight of 1600 cars or 32 one-storey houses. Big Carl can be found in the UK for the next 4 years where its iconic design, powered by 12 engines, will be predominantly used to lift prefabricated materials.

2. Liebherr release their fastest erecting crane yet

2019 has been a big year for heavy equipment construction company Liebherr, after celebrating their 70th anniversary earlier this year the company unveiled their fastest erecting crane yet. The 125 K crane is able to reach 41.5 meters in height, with the addition of five tower sections which can be inserted into the crane’s standard design. Boasting an 8000 kg maximum capacity and five radius options, the 125 K crane is set to be popular in 2020 due to its flexibility and electronic stability control.

3. Cranes play an essential role in NASA project

NASA’s latest project, the Orion spacecraft, was transported to Ohio and needed to be lifted into the NASA building by a crane. The 60,000-pound spacecraft needed to be hoisted carefully by a crane to transport the expensive technology without damaging any area of the spacecraft. For maximum manoeuvrability, the crane was attached to the NASA building ceiling and successfully lifted the spacecraft into its optimum position and location.

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