Best motor graders for farmers

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 18 December 2019

If you have a farm, you’ll need a decent motor grader to help maintain the gravel roads that allow you to get around your land. In remote areas, farm roads can quickly become impassable, following extreme weather events. Graders are very versatile and can also be used for cleaning ditches, building terraces, and levelling the ground in preparation for new structures to be built.

So, when looking for a motor grader for sale, what things should you consider?


A brand-new motor grader is an expensive purchase. So, unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal, you might want to look for a used motor grader for sale instead.

Although secondhand graders are much cheaper to buy, their main drawback is that they tend to malfunction and have relatively short lifespans. A viable alternative is a rebuilt motor grader. Rebuilt graders can effectively bridge the gap between new and secondhand machines and they often come with a warranty too.


When choosing a motor grader, always pick a brand that has a solid reputation for producing reliable machines.

Caterpillar is a world-renowned manufacturer of motor graders and other items of plant. As well as being extremely reliable, you’ll find it easy to get hold of parts for a Caterpillar grader, which is especially important if you decide to buy a used one.

Longevity and durability

Motor graders are workhorses, often taking on tough jobs for many hours in challenging conditions. The grader you choose must be able to handle that. On a similar note, new and used motor graders are significant investments, so you will need one that is built to last you for many years.

Availability of spares

No matter what make of grader you buy, sooner or later it will need a service or some replacement parts. Choose a make of grader that is well-known so that spare parts are easy to come by. That’s especially important if you buy a used motor grader. It can be nigh-on impossible to source parts for some models of grader that haven’t been in production for a long time.


If you want the peace of mind that a warranty brings, you will most likely need to buy a new or reconditioned grader rather than a secondhand one.

Final thoughts

A good quality, reliable motor grader is a must for you if you own a farm or work as a maintenance contractor in the farming sector.

Look for a reliable, durable, well-known make of grader so that servicing and spare parts are readily available.