Differences between track excavators and wheeled excavators

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If you are currently looking at a track excavator for sale online, you might be wondering what the difference between tracked and wheeled excavators are and which would be best for your needs. So, if you would like to learn more about both of these construction and clearing tools, look no further!

What are excavators?

Hydraulic excavators are a heavy construction tool used to dig trenches and foundations, transport materials, demolish, mine, drive piles and dredge rivers. An excavator consists of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab. The operator sits in the cab of the excavator and utilises controls to operate the hydraulic cylinders and motors.

What are track and wheeled excavators?

Track(ed) excavators are excavators which sit on an undercarriage of steel tracks. A wheeled excavator simply exchanges the steel tracks for heavy-duty wheels and tyres.

Which is better?

The type of excavator which is best will depend upon the job needing to be completed and the environment where it will be working. If you need high-intensity production digging, then an excavator on steel tracks will usually be perfectly suited for the task. Wheeled excavators are normally unable to dig as forcefully as track excavators, meaning that digging tends to take longer. Whether you choose a track or wheeled excavator will depend upon a project’s individual requirements.

What environments are best suited to track and wheeled excavators?

Track excavators work best in environments which involve digging and clearing untouched land, and this makes them more suitable for rural and countryside applications. Track excavators can damage the surface of a worksite, but if you are working on raw land, this should not be an issue.

Wheeled excavators are more suited to urban environments where they will need to manoeuvre around buildings and other urban obstacles. Wheeled excavators are also able to negotiate paving, roads and slabs without causing disturbance or destruction.

What applications does a track excavator have?

Although track excavators are typically used for heavy-duty digging on new construction sites, i.e. digging foundation trenches into raw land, they are also used for a handful of other construction applications. If you are looking to purchase a track excavator, then you will be interested to know that a track excavator can also be equipped with a crusher, shear or hammer to complete demolition or quarry work.

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