Improve your business by finding a top motor grader for sale

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 23 December 2019

If you can find a top motor grader for sale, you will have given yourself the opportunity to acquire one of the most indispensable construction machines for new road-building work. Motor graders have been specially designed to deal with the materials that need processing when constructing a new road. They can do work that would otherwise take much longer, were they not around.

What motor graders bring to the party

Some of the key advantages of having motor graders on the job are that they are incredibly manoeuvrable, getting from one location to another at relatively high speed (up to 30mph!). Their prime function is to roll and mix materials, ensuring that each compound comes together with the right quantity of moisture. The action of the blade also facilitates the breakdown of clumps of earth, enabling them to be properly compacted.

The versatility of motor graders

As the name suggests, a motor grader is a mechanised grader that can do it all – from soup to nuts. They are powerful, heavy machines that are capable of dealing with the rough grading following trucks and scrapers. Not only that, but these machines are also the best tools to use for handling finished grading.

If you do come across a motor grader, you will have found a precision piece of kit. It will allow you to operate to exacting tolerances and enable you to work in areas where space is tight. Curbs and mantles are good examples.

As part of the versatility that motor graders offer, they give you superb traction. This means that they can work comfortably on slopes, or where the ground is soft. Even more extreme slopes can be worked with consummate ease and safety thanks to the inclusion of a movable link wire

Cutting edge technology

The construction sector is a very competitive industry. The people who usually win tenders are those who are best prepared and equipped. Technology is vital in keeping contractors at the cutting edge. Finding a motor grader with advanced functions such as cross slope, sonic, laser, ATS and GPS systems will enhance your technological capabilities and will provide you with the wherewithal to grade accurately.

Find a new or used motor grader and get a competitive edge

If a new or used motor grader for sale has these technologies built into it, it will mean that it can complete its workload with minimal effort. This will save you valuable time, use less fuel and make the best use of the materials at hand.