What is it about Caterpillar wheel loaders?

  • Editorial Team
  • Wheel Loaders
  • 19 December 2019

With the recent announcement that the UK branch of Caterpillar had seen turnover rise by 36% in 2018, it’s clear that the brand continues to enjoy a high degree of popularity. Second only to Volvo CE in terms of global sales, Caterpillar is an aspirational brand that attracts a high degree of loyalty. But what is it about Caterpillar that makes it such a favourite? Whether you’re hoping to purchase a new Caterpillar machine or are looking at used Caterpillar wheel loaders for sale, it’s time to take a look at the brand ingredients which contribute to Caterpillar’s sustained success.

Attention to detail

The design team at CAT are involved in everything from creating the overall aesthetic of a Caterpillar vehicle through to making sure that the smallest details reflect the quality and experience which characterises the brand. Even the key fob that starts the engine of a Caterpillar vehicle has been specifically designed by the team to ensure it does its job perfectly, as well as fits with corporate standards.

Adjustable comfort

Cabs in a Caterpillar piece of machinery are designed so that they can be adjusted to operators of all shapes and sizes. The seat, for example, can be adjusted so that a person of 152.4cms (5’0) is able to operate the machine as easily as someone who is 200.66cms (6’7″) tall. This versatility and emphasis on ergonomic yet effective working is one of the hallmarks of the brand. It accounts for much of the popularity which Cat enjoys with its customers.

A focus on safety

With research showing that inadvertently operating the wrong control is one of the key causes of machine accidents on-site, it’s critical that heavy plant is as safe as it can be. Cat machines have large numbers of safety features: from better emergency egress from the vehicle through to additional mounting provision for a fire extinguisher, Cat continually innovates to make life safer for its customers.

Improved green performance

CAT is at the forefront of green machine production: not only are modern Cat vehicles low on emissions, but increased efficiency also enables them to do more with less fuel. Each machine benefits from a raft of green measures: replacing traditional halogen lights with LED versions, for example.

Throw increased use of AI in both vehicle operation and the manufacturing process, and it’s easy to see why Cat holds its current dominant position in the market.