What to look out for when inspecting a used excavator

  • Editorial Team
  • Excavators
  • 30 December 2019

Excavators are one of the most efficient machines used in trenching, excavation and loading. To enjoy these benefits, however, you need to buy a well-maintained used excavator that guarantees efficiency and durability in the long run. But how do you tell which excavator will suit your needs and reduce any wear and tear expenses? Here are some tips that will come in handy when buying that excavator and help you avoid repair and replacement costs.

Check for cracks and dents

Excavators are prone to cracks and dents due to the frequent movement during their course of operation. If you are looking for a used excavator, make it a point to inspect the machine’s connection points thoroughly. Check between the stick and bucket, the undercarriage, and where the boom lies. A crack in a track excavator for sale could mean additional replacement costs.


The second thing to be on the lookout for when inspecting used crawler excavators for sale is signs of leakages. Examine the excavator’s cylinders and hoses as well as the hydraulic compartment. For extra safety, check the swing bearing to identify if there are any leaks. If you notice any holes in these areas, request for repairs before you make a purchase.

Defective slew ring

A slew ring is one of the crucial components of an excavator that determines movement while digging and dredging. Confirm that the used crawler excavators for sale have all pins and connections securely tightened. Connections points at the boom, bucket, and stick should also work well and not have any loose links.

Damaged meter

If you are looking for a durable track excavator for sale, an hour meter is one way to determine the longevity of the machine. The hour meter should be in operation and indicate the excavator’s total operating hours. If you notice any inaccuracy or broken meter, alert your equipment company and request for the proper hours.

Worn out excavator bucket

An excavator bucket is another essential component of an excavator. Take a look at the used crawler excavators for sale and check for signs of half-moon shapes on the bucket teeth. If there are any signs of damage, the excavator will have a low cutting force. A scalloped bucket also results in poor performance and could damage your used excavator.

Get ahead of the above issues and choose a reputable company that provides well-maintained used excavators. Contact MY Equipment for affordable and quality machines.