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used wheel loader foe sale

If you are searching around for used wheel loaders for sale, you ought to be concentrating your search on the Caterpillar brand. Why?

Recognised by the construction and civil engineering industries as best in class, Caterpillar’s range of large wheel loaders lead the field. When it comes to setting the standard for optimum productivity, Caterpillar has raised the bar. It’s not only maximising productivity, though.

They also offer minimised downtime – something that is critically important when you are working against tight timeframes. They also offer enhanced driver comfort, and because of the advanced safety features built into these machines, they also give better protection to anyone on-site in their vicinity.

Designed for durability

Cat® large Wheel Loaders have been designed with built-in durability, offering optimum operational availability through multiple life cycles. Thanks to their enhanced performance capabilities and simplicity of maintenance and service, these mighty machines permit you to move bigger payloads around with greater efficiency, safety, and at a reduced cost per ton.

The Caterpillar 986 Wheel Loader

Looking at a Caterpillar 986 wheel loader for sale, you will find that this particular machine offers a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as a reduction of up to 10% in terms of maintenance costs while reducing fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

If you have budget constraints, you might be better off looking at the range of used Caterpillar wheel loaders for sale. Because all Cat® products are built to last, you will have little to worry about in terms of durability and the service that a used machine will offer you. Of course, it’s essential that the Loader has been fully serviced prior to purchase.

Wide range of used Caterpillar wheel loaders in stock

You will find an excellent choice of used Caterpillar wheel loaders for sale, principally because they are built to last. Rather than having them waiting around in between contracts, users often offer them for resale and recoup some of their outlay.

With a wide range to choose from, you will need to determine which characteristics are more important for the project on which you are working. Also, depending on whether or not the wheel loader you are interested in already has some attachments installed, you may want to consider adding some to further protect the life span and efficiency of the loader.

The MY-Equipment promise

Here at MY-Equipment we usually have several used wheel loaders for sale including machines made my Komatsu and of course, Caterpillar.

When you buy a loader or any piece of kit from us, you are safe in the knowledge that all of the products we have in stock have undergone rigorous checks and inspections and that they have been thoroughly serviced. They are ready to be put to work.

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