Best Suggestions for Improving Your Trade Show Experience

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When one thinks about conventions, that person may imagine extravagant events such as Comic Con or the Met Gala where attendees dress up in costumes or fashionable attire suitable for that event and come out in huge crowds to show off their fandom or celebrity.  However, there are also people who are equally excited by heavy equipment trade shows.  These people may not come in costume, but these heavy equipment trade shows, conventions, and expos are still significant events that matter to them and that those in the industry truly care about and into which they put a great deal of time and effort for event preparation.

Heavy equipment conventions provide a golden opportunity for those in the industry to meet other professionals in related businesses, exchange ideas, network amongst each other, and begin to develop what may become long lasting business relationships.  Whether a particular attendee is looking for particular heavy equipment for saleor simply searching for ideas to improve their own business, that individual should take the time to put together a strategy to prioritize their goals for the event.  The following are some suggestions to accomplish just that.

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First, find the shows to attend that are best aligned with your business goals.  Look up what trade shows and conventions are happening throughout the year and review information about each one by looking at their websites or scouring information that you are able to find online or in print advertisements.  Figure out what companies are attending and what each show offers to help fulfill your business needs and priorities.  Determine if there may be potential clients and customers that may be in attendance.  Find out if there may be educational opportunities for you to learn new systems or ways of doing things that could improve your business.  If you are more interested in buying particular machinery, research if there could be equipment dealers in attendance that might potentially offer a piece of heavy equipment for sale that you are looking to buy.  Set your goals and attend the shows that are best suited to help accomplish them.

Second, register online and register early in order to save time and money.  Many trade shows offer discounts for advance registration.  Take advantage of these types of deals to save yourself money.  Many shows also have deadlines, so be mindful of that and do not wait until the last minute or you may miss out on an opportunity to attend an event that could benefit your business.

Third, plan out your trade show attendance.  Print a map of the setup of the event and an exhibitor list so you know where different company and vendor booths will be located.  If you are interested in purchasing construction equipment, be sure to strategize the best route to make construction equipment dealers priority stops along the way.  If you want to learn more about the industry or innovations within a certain field, be sure to allot time for educational sessions.  Know the size of the event and be prepared to allow the time needed to accomplish everything that you hope at the event.

Fourth, make sure that you bring business cards.  Trade shows and conventions are a great networking opportunity.  If you come across a company or a product that is intriguing to you or might be beneficial to your business, providing a business card is a good introduction so that people remember your name and face and you are better able to follow up at a later time.  Passing out business cards is also a good way to raise awareness for your own products and company.

Fifth, be patient to ensure that you are able to visit the most popular booths.  Even if it was not in your original plan, if there is a long line at a particular booth then it is likely because the exhibitor offers a substantial business opportunity.  Do not pass up a chance to expand your connections and your own business by skipping over an exhibit just because you have to wait a few extra minutes.

Sixth, do not be a passive spectator at these events.  Be engaging and ask quality questions.  When you approach a booth, have questions in mind so that you will receive the best answers to allow you to extract the most relevant information out of the conversation.  Keep in mind that these conversations should be an exchange of ideas and not a one-sided communication.  Listen to those presenting information and take it all in to determine what ideas and products may best serve your business and help it grow.  Also, put your best foot forward and present yourself to the best of your own ability to leave a lasting impression in people’s minds.  Have intelligent conversations and ask smart questions that will allow you to build lasting business relationships and gather valuable information to enhance your business goals and objectives.

Finally, take advantage of any show specials that are available.  Sometimes, companies will offer promotions at big conventions to sell large quantities of their products during the few days that the event is taking place.  If any exhibitors are offering a product that is of great interest to you or that you think could benefit your company, find out if they offer any promotional rates and take advantage of whatever discounted rates that you can.  Doing so will allow you as a business owner to sample potentially advantageous products while also saving financially.

By following these general rules, you will be able to get the most value out of your trade show or convention experience.  Being a prepared and engaged attendee will allow you an enormous opportunity to network, establish lasting business relationships, and find products and services to enable and enhance business growth.

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