Five Marketing Tips to Stay Profitable During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how heavy equipment companies both large and small need to address their marketing strategies. With the economy quickly shifting to digital as many people are working from home, it is vital that companies adjust accordingly and refocus their marketing efforts on the digital world as well. Many consumers are utilizing social media for content and comfort. Businesses should develop creative marketing campaigns which take advantage of this new reality. As social media engagement has increased by over 30% over the past two weeks, heavy equipment companies should follow five simple steps to stay profitable and come out of the coronavirus pandemic stronger than before.

First, double down on your digital spending. Many companies right now are scared and do not
want to spend on advertising and marketing because of the current economic uncertainty. However, now is a better time than ever to put your money into a digital marketing campaign in order to capture a larger market share. During the financial downturn in 2008 and 2009, the most successful companies were the ones that turned a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth. Spending on digital marketing and advertising will be best for your company long-term, allow your business to survive and thrive, and will help boost the economy as well.

Second, while practicing social distancing in public, get more social online. While many normal
social and business plans are being canceled leaving workers and business owners with a sense of loneliness and isolation, it is a great time to build your social media content and communicate more through your social channels to stay connected. More than just talking to your business community, try to engage them in honest conversation about what you are doing to help and support them during these challenging times and what steps you are taking to maintain business as usual. Even if it is only online, make your business partners feel cared for and appreciated.

Third, put your employees first. There are many heavy equipment companies that have no
emergency protocol in place regarding a pandemic such as the coronavirus that we are currently experiencing. In addition, some companies are not paying employees who are unable to physically show up to work. As a business owner, keep in mind that your employees have families and children, and with the recent school shutdowns, they are facing a heavy financial burden to support their loved ones. Today, we live in a digital age where much of the everyday work of a business can be done remotely. Considering that fact, treat employees with respect and think about the health and wellbeing of the people that work for you and their families. Doing so will build morale and commitment, and employees will likely maintain high productivity levels accordingly which is good for business.

Fourth, convert events to a digital format rather than canceling them altogether. During  difficult times such as what we are currently experiencing, many business owners become anxious and cancel all of their meeting and events that they have sch eduled to avoid contact and keep themselves safe. However, there is a viable alternative which can help maintain business as usual, and smart companies will convert their meetings and events to digital to stay productive and profitable. Tools such as Zoom allow communication channels to remain open and meetings to occur as scheduled in a digital landscape. Continue to build and nurture your connections and keep your business moving forward as normally as possible.

Fifth, content is still critical to success. With many people working from home and having  extra time on their hands, it can be a great opportunity to develop quality digital content and set the business up for future success. Use Google Docs to develop ad ideas. Use Zoom to conduct interviews and meetings. Put together a marketing plan by utilizing a project management platform. Write industry related blogs. Once marketing plans are established and ads are created, use social media and e-mail to implement your marketing campaign.

In conclusion, in today’s digital world there are many ways to stay successful during the current pandemic. The five tips discussed are a good start to remaining profitable and turning a tough time into an opportunity for future growth. By utilizing various digital platforms, developing new marketing plans and content, keeping open lines of communication, and treating your employees with respect, you will be better equipped to keep the business moving forward so that when all of this is passed you can come out the other side and hit the ground running!

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