4 Things to Consider When Shipping Heavy Equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 17 April 2020

Heavy equipment is a necessity on a construction site, however transporting it to and from the worksite can be a challenge.  This is why buyers need to take shipping into consideration when searching for heavy equipment for sale.  If you want your construction equipment to be shipped safely and carefully, there are a number of key considerations to take into account, but the following are four of the most important.

First and most obvious, once you locate a piece of new or used construction equipment for sale and before trying to ship the heavy equipment, learn and be familiar with the fundamentals of shipping equipment of this size.  Although it may seem like a monumental task, especially when shipping across the country or even overseas, and considering the risk of damages and potential thousands of dollars in repairs for heavy equipment, simply knowing the basics can help tremendously in easing the burden.  Always do the necessary research on any shipping company that you are considering using by reading any Google reviews that might be available, scouring over their website for information, and calling the company with any questions that you might have.  Because of the possibility of damages and expensive repairs, verify their insurance policies with them to see what is covered.  Also, because of the size and variety of factors to consider when shipping a piece of construction equipment, an instant quote may not be possible, so speaking with the company you are considering using and going over all of the specs with them will allow you to obtain an accurate shipping quote.

Second, when searching for construction equipment for sale to help you complete a project, you should find out the types of equipment that you are able to ship.  The overwhelming majority of heavy equipment can be shipped without issue, however there are always exceptions.  However, this is another reason why speaking to the shipping company is important, and if you do so then there really is no reason to worry.  The shipping company will tell you what they are capable of shipping, and they will not allow you to book a shipment if they do not have the capability of moving it.  Some typical machines that get trucked throughout the country are cranes, bulldozers, excavators, motor graders, forklifts, and dump trucks.  Heavy equipment is normally able to be transported, but it is always best to verify ahead of time.

Third, pick the best method of shipping to suit your heavy equipment transportation needs.  There are several means of shipping heavy equipment, with the three primary ones being truck, boat, or plane.  Shipping by boat or by plane is notably more expensive and should be avoided if possible, but if the construction equipment needs to be shipped overseas then those methods are unavoidable and must be utilized.  Also, when shipping by truck, the equipment may be loaded on several different types of trailers such as a low-deck flatbed, sliding axle, or hydraulic, and each of these has advantages that can be researched if desired for optimal transport, but all of them will get the equipment to the desired location safely.

Fourth, after finding the new or used heavy machinery for sale listing that you want to buy, making the purchase, and lining up the transportation needed after doing the research and choosing the best method, you then must prepare your shipment.  First, you should clean your machinery.  It does not need to be incredibly thorough, but you should clean the machine well enough that you can notice any new damages that may occur during the transportation process.  Cleaning can also help provide access to any tie-down points to be used to secure the equipment for transport.  Also, be sure to disconnect any batteries as they can drain even when the machine and engine are off, especially with larger, more powerful engines.  If there is a smokestack, cover it so no foreign objects get in during transport and block it.  Lastly, remove any personal items from the machine as they will likely not be covered by any transportation company’s insurance policy and ensure that the equipment doors and everything necessary are locked and latched for transport to avoid damages.

In conclusion, locating the heavy equipment for sale in the USA or anywhere else that you need to complete a project can be a monumental task in itself as you need to find the right machine for the job.  However, transportation is also an important aspect to consider and can be overwhelming in itself.  The process can be much simpler though if you just follow these basic guidelines: be knowledgeable about heavy equipment shipping fundamentals, choose the best company to fit your needs and method of shipment, and be prepared for shipment.