Increasing the Resale Value of Your Equipment

  • Editorial Team
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • 10 April 2020

When considering the value of a used machine, buyers often think of model, year, hours, and other core specs, and rightfully so. However, sellers can actually increase the resale value of their used equipment by following several best practices to make a good first impression on buyers and stand out from competing offerings.

First, sellers should maintain a clean machine. Details such as paint chips, rust, and dirty seats and cab can give the impression to buyers that the seller has not provided the machine proper upkeep. When trying to resell machinery, the seller should begin by giving the equipment a thorough wash which should include cleaning the mud from the tracks or tires as well as the undercarriage of the machine. Washing down equipment will also help the seller identify areas that might require touch up paint or find flaws and leaks that should be repaired. Inside the cab is also important, and all surfaces, switches, and panels should be wiped down and cleaned.  All controls and seats should also be checked for proper operation.

Second, sellers should fix the obvious flaws before trying to sell their equipment. When a buyer is able to identify leaks, dents, or other damage, they may assume that it reflects on the overall condition of the machine. As long as the cost is reasonable to make repairs, the seller should absolutely fix any minor imperfections and replace any damaged parts if they are able.  Buyers are more likely to purchase a piece of equipment when it is clean and is working properly.

Third, sellers must take photographs of the machine that sell its best qualities. Sellers should take high resolution photos and close ups of equipment so that buyers can see the intricate details and the work that has gone into maintaining it. As there are thousands of the same makes and models of certain machines available for sale, pictures that highlight the quality and distinguish your equipment from the others could attract more buyers and make the difference in the purchasing decision.

Fourth, the seller must keep regular maintenance and service records available for viewing.  Any work that has been completed on the machine should be shown and well documented in the service history. Buyers should know not only that maintenance has been performed regularly, but also if and when any key parts have been replaced. Buyers may be more inclined to consider an older or higher hour machine if they know that critical or costly parts have been recently serviced or replaced. The seller may also want to list any major services or replaced parts in the equipment description when advertising the construction equipment for sale to put more emphasis on the fact that it is in good working condition and well worth the price being asked.  Again, buyers want to know that equipment has been well taken care of and maintained.

To conclude, while buyers are and should be concerned about keys specifications of equipment such as model, year, and hours, there are still other factors that they consider and things that the seller can do to make their resale equipment more attractive and valuable. Sellers should keep their machines clean. They should fix obvious flaws and imperfections. They should take high quality photos to list when advertising the machine for sale. The seller must keep maintenance and service records available for the buyer to examine. These items will lead to getting the most value out of used equipment.