Grader Applications and Construction Benefits

  • Editorial Team
  • Motor Graders
  • 19 January 2021

There are many types of heavy equipment that are utilized in the construction industry.  If requiring a machine to smooth or level a surface, the grader is the go-to option.  MY Equipment consistently offers many Caterpillar graders for sale, and in this article grader applications and benefits will be examined.

Graders and How They Operate

Graders are also commonly referred to as motor graders or road graders.  They are large, self-propelled pieces of heavy construction equipment that are used in the creation of flat surfaces.  During a construction project, motor graders are typically used in the initial grading phase when the ground must be leveled to meet required specifications, and they create a base for the subsequent construction.  Graders are often built on three axles, with one in the front and two in the back.  Whereas the original graders were pulled by horses and livestock, modern models contain engines, hence the name motor grader.  They are typically steered by a joystick or steering wheel, and they come equipped with a blade between the front and rear axles.  Sometimes, there is a second blade or additional arm attachments for added versatility and functionality.

Applications and Benefits of the Motor Grader

In recent years, there have been many technological advancements to motor graders which have improved their functionality and increased their number of uses.  Initially, graders were only used for paving and maintaining roads made of gravel or dirt by utilizing the blade to create a flat surface.  Today, although they are still primarily used in the creation of roadways, graders can also create level surfaces for other construction projects and be put into operation for various other purposes as well.  They may be used to level the ground for the foundation of a construction site or an unpaved parking lot before laying asphalt.  They may also be used in the initial creation and the widening of ditches and trenches.  Graders provide the great benefit of maintaining roads that have been damaged by heavy traffic as well.

Additionally, the versatility of motor graders can be increased dramatically by adding attachments.  If a snow wing is attached to the machine, it is able to plow snow.  Other attachments allow the grader to level soil to prepare for planting crops or to spread concrete to create new sidewalks and other walking paths.  Using a scarifier allows the grader to remove the top layer of soil from the ground to resurface it with asphalt, gravel, or other similar material.  The type of grader that is used for a particular job depends entirely on the materials being worked with and the size of the workspace.  Whereas smaller spaces may be better suited for a smaller, single axle machine, larger spaces might benefit from a larger, multi-axle machine that makes wider turns and covers more ground more efficiently. 

In conclusion, motor graders today have many applications that benefit the construction industry immensely.  Originally just used to create a flat surface to pave and maintain roadways, they can now assist in many other projects as well such as creating a level surface for the foundation of a construction site, scarifying, and even plowing snow.  If looking for a grader for your construction project, do not hesitate to browse our inventory of Caterpillar graders for sale and others at