Excavators in the Construction Industry

  • Editorial Team
  • Wheel Excavators
  • 24 June 2021

Excavators played a huge role in revolutionizing the construction industry. With the introduction of this equipment, builders were able to work the landscape more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Excavators paved the way for more sophisticated construction projects with more attention to detail as the machine’s technology continues to improve. Earthmoving equipment has made many advancements in these last few years with many new models. These models range from regular ones that can excavate huge amounts of ground to mini ones with a lot less digging power but the ability to work in tight places that would not be reachable with a standard machine. Before you start your search for a wheeled excavator for sale there are a few things you should know.

Potential Hazards

With excavators, it is important to know the potential risks associated with undercutting and overloading. In the circumstances where the bucket of an earthmoving machine ends up digging the ground below the excavator’s path, it is called an undercut. Undercuts can be dangerous as they increase the odds of collapse. Excavator safety precautions dictate that the tracks of the excavator should be perpendicular to the excavation to avoid collapsing. 

Another thing that can be quite risky is overloading the bucket. Doing so can make the machine unstable or even make the equipment flip. The machine operator should learn about the load capacity prior to handling the equipment.

Safety Measures

It is important to be safe when operating an excavator, so take all the necessary steps to ensure safety. The machine should be able to run at all times so the operator can unload in case of an emergency. Checking the equipment before operating is also essential so any damage or potentially unsafe conditions can be spotted. 

Excavators are extremely effective in speeding up the construction process. Some models sport larger troughs capable of digging up a lot more ground. This increase in digging rate has made the machine invaluable in projects of all kinds from road work to building construction to river dredging and other jobs that were so much more dangerous previously. 

Take Precautions

One of the most important things is to prepare for any difficult situation. Taking precautions is necessary at a construction site if you want to avoid any lethal accidents. Precautionary measures should include proper training of the operators prior to them handling the equipment on site. The operators should also be made aware of what they should do in the case of an emergency situation. For instance, if the machine makes contact with a power line, the operator should not panic and attempt to get himself out of the machine in a hurry. It would be better to wait for the right moment to call for help instead. Trying to exit the equipment on your own can be more dangerous. 

If anyone on-site spots that the operator is in danger, they should know to immediately call an ambulance and the power company. Everyone present on-site should move away from the equipment. With any heavy equipment, taking precautions is necessary, but with a machine of such magnitude, it is even more important.